May 24 2019

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Big Cat Updates

Alexa Flash Briefing

In case you have missed previous days’ news briefings you can find them all at

Coordinator Report - Afton Tasler

Great day today, but it was a hot one! Mazz and Lexi Agri helped move the the caracals this morning. All of the interns worked on the empty caracal cages for an hour before lunch. Stephanie Chaiser, Tanya Chute, Mazz, Erin Ainslie, and myself finished Chaos’ cage and half of Cyrus'. Steph and I also cleaned the recovery hospital.

Video of the Day

Armani is a female leopard who arrived at Big Cat Rescue as a young cub in the early days of the sanctuary, in the 90’s before the philosophy of the sanctuary evolved to make us the leading advocate against private ownership of big cats.

Merchandise of the Day

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Big Cat Rescue Merchandise

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Photos of the Day

Dutchess Tiger says it's time to rise and shine and spread positivity everywhere you go today!

Oh My, Apollo, what has your attention? That is one intense stare! I just love this boy. Do you know his story? He was one of the early fur farm rescues.

Apollo Siberian Lynx

Apollo Siberian Lynx

Meet Apollo:
Check out our history:

Good morning Big Cat Rescue Friends! ☀️
Mrs. Claws is happy to announce it is finally FURiday! ?
Have a wonderful day everyone! ?

Mrs. Claws Bobcat

Mrs. Claws Bobcat

Good night Big Cat Rescue Friends! ?
Sweet Nala Serval is so excited it’s finally the weekend! ?
Have a great weekend everyone! ?

Nala Serval

Mary Ann, can you come down from there? You are making me nervous! by Afton Tasler

Mary Ann, can you come down from there? You are making me nervous!

MaryAnn Bobcat by Afton Tasler

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