May 5 2017

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Big Cat Updates

Lakota and Sioux are off quarantine.

Frosty’s cage work has been completed so he now has access to all of his sections.

Zimba’s locked out of one section while work is being done in there.  Not to worry two sections are still open for Zimba to enjoy.

Honey Wayton’s presentation on working with wild animals outside of captive situations.  If you watch no other video on this page today, watch this one.

Honey, is a master keeper, out gift shop manger, and anything else we, or the cats, need her to be.

Arthur Tiger Paw Print Tee – Available in many colors.

Arthur paw print tee

Profits from the sale of this tee goes to support our legislative efforts to end the abuse and exploitation of big cats and their babies.

Facebook Live Video Replays

Meet Nikita Lioness for an afternoon bath. Watch more at

Watch as we celebrate Hoover’s 13th birthday and one year anniversary with Big Cat Rescue.

6 new foster kittens arrived! Big Cat Rescue has fostered more than 450 kittens for the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. We take them in and raise them up until they are two pounds. Then they are fixed and adopted out. Watch more at

It’s raining! Hallelujah!


People Often Ask

Q: Can you help bobcats who were injured or orphaned outside of Florida?

A: Yes, but only by assisting a local vet or rehabber.  The bobcats cannot travel to FL for rehab and then be released in FL nor returned home for release.  We do often assist others who may not have as much experience with wild bobcats.  The story below was brought to our attention by one of our supporters named Michelle.  She did the leg work to find out where the cat was and the number to call.  Most rehabbers don’t even have websites, so finding them from a news story is often difficult.

Bobcat injured in Iowa

In this case we called the rehabber and offered our help and directed them to our page on bobcats for a little DIY training.

We also offer all of our volunteer and staff training at and there is a section on rehab and release.  Jamie and Carole are working on an entire course on bobcat rehab that will be offered soon.

Where Waldo?  Uh… I Mean, “Where the Tiger”

This fun photo was sent in by Viewer Angie.  THANK YOU, Angie!

If YOU have taken snapshot of the cats on, or on the Kitten Cabana web cam that you think would make a fun Where’s Waldo type photo please email it to

 Foster Kitten Program

Past Kitten Update: Jazzy, Jester and Jordan all found their purr-manent homes last week!

New Kittens: The new kittens that Karma picked up yesterday all had negative SNAP tests as well as their vaccines, deworming and flea treatment so are clear to go to the Cabana, probably today. Photos to follow soon.

Viewer Susann Mesna created a “New Kitten Cheat Sheet”

foster kittens

THANK YOU Susann!!

YOU can watch the kittens playing on the Kitten Cabana web cam.  If you ever lose the link for your favorite cat cam you can find them all at a very easy to remember URL:

Today’s Featured Photo

I am completely in “AWE” of this painting of Hoover.  It is being done by Viewer JoAnn Weiss.  I have re-opened it a dozen times but to look at it again.  I absolutely LOVE this.  It is an actually painting not a Photoshop rendition.  The artist says it is not finished, however, I look at this and see amazing PURR-Fection!!  WOW!!  My paws are all, “:PAWS UP” for the artist!! What do YOU think?  

BCR Website Updates

S.A.V.E Award

Several of you have asked to know more about our S.A.V.E. Award Project and have expressed interest in knowing about the past S.A.V.E. Awards.  So I am going backwards to January 2016 and will post then in order from there forward.  It means there may be one or two that you have already seen.

January 2016 S.A.V.E. Award

For outstanding volunteer service, the January 2016 SAVE Award went to Barbara Nicholas for volunteering more than 60 hours in December to help with the holiday rush. That’s 3.75 times more than the minimum hourly requirement for Partner Trainee. Way to go Barbara! Thank you so much for dedicating all of this time to the cats!. Thank you so much and congratulations!

A donation of $1000 has been made in your honor to the Species Survival Commission Cat Specialist Group to fund ongoing research of sand cats in the wild.

This is a first ever study on sand cat ecology and behaviour in Morocco, using radio tracking collars. Aim of the study is to investigate how sand cats co-exist in shared habitats and the distribution of the species within the moroccan sahara. Once sufficient data is collected, a long-term study is proposed to expand the research across the whole country to determine where the species live in high, medium and low densities, and where they are missing. In addition the hope is to raise awareness of the species amongst locals, training them to continue the work tracking and recording the sand cats which long term will dramatically improve current data held on the species. The researchers would like to study the animals over several years to collect data throughout their lives, ideally covering several generations.

Researchers will actively search for sand cats with a 4×4 truck, driving at low speed, at night, shining a 100W spot lamp in a sweeping motion to detect the eyeshine reflection of carnivores. Once located, they net the sand cat which has taken refuge in the shrubs. When the cat has been sedated, they are measured and given a health check, then fitted with a radio collar. These animals will then be followed with an receiver and antenna to determine their movements. This project was launched this month.

Update from the field: “Back from Morocco, I have some good news : Dr Alexander Sliwa, Dr Azizi and Myself successfully caught, collard and followed 2.2 sand cats in the Sahara. This is the first time such a work is done on this species and we have taken great pictures (see below) and seen amazing moments (the meeting of two cats, hunting moments, …). We are going to write a publication and report about that. Depending on the funds, we may even be able to study the whole carnivore guilde there because there are 6 to 7 others there (3 canid, 1 mustelid and 1 or 2 other cat species).” Grégory Breton, Curator at LE PARC DES FELINS, Sand Cat EEP Coordinator & ISB Keeper, Co-chair of the EAZA FELID TAG

S.A.V.E stands for Scratch’s Award for Volunteer Excellence. Named for an outstanding cougar named Scratch, whose lifespan reached 30 years, the SAVE Award recognizes one volunteer or intern each month who is doing an outstanding job.

Learn more about Sand cats

Get our free book about Sand cats which has LOTS of photos of the sand cats who used to live here, Canyon & Genie.

In Loving Memory

Many of you know the amazing cams are operated by volunteers through  These volunteers give generously of their time and energy to operate the cams so all of us, and you, get the best views of the cats.  This group of volunteers are from all around the country.  Many have never met in person but have become very close through a shared love of the animals they work together to show to the world.  This group has become like family.

One of this amazing group is gone.  He is deeply missed.  This blog post sums up the loss everyone is feeling and the admiration for this wonderful volunteer.

Big Shout Out

Pilot Bank donated $5000 for Give Day!

Sixty of the staff and their families from Pilot Bank came to the sanctuary for a great party and tours and brought with them a check for $5000 for Give Day. The photo is part of the group with Priya tiger. The visitors were each given a ballot to vote for the cat that Pilot Bank will sponsor and we are awaiting the election results. 🙂 Meantime, we so appreciate the nice boost to our Give Day total!

Keeper Corner

Joseph peeking out of his den.  ~Keeper MaryLou

Joseph peeking out of his den.

Sabre Leopard is on FunCation

It was quite a long walk for the 25 year old black leopard, but he finally made it to the FunCation enclosure where he will enjoy a two week vacation in 22,000 sq ft of space.

 Viewer Videos From

Here is a list of YouTube channels that feature videos of the cats here:

  WANTED – Graphic Artists

Carole is looking for a graphic artist who really gets what we are all about and would would like to help us with some graphics for shirts.  If that is you or if you know someone like that, please have them email Carole at

 Quick Links

As per viewer suggestions, Quick Links now has it’s very own page

Bookmarking it will help you find things quickly.  That will come in handy for:

  • Helping us answer questions on social media
  • Finding answers to some of Carole’s Facebook Live questions

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