May 6 2017

Gabrielle Hot

Big Cat Updates

Today is all about Tiger Dentals.  We will be broadcasting LIVE on Facebook all day.  Priya Tiger has been done.  Seth Tiger is up next.  Then Zabu Tiger and maybe one more, if we don’t run out of time.

We just added tees, tanks, totes, housewares and jewelry sporting Priya Tiger’s paw print here:

Priya Tiger Paw Print


We just added tees, tanks, totes, housewares and jewelry sporting Priya Tiger’s paw print here:

Seth Tiger Paw Print

Facebook Live Video Replays

Watch FB for more today of Seth and Zabu.

Hoover Tiger’s Birthday and Anniversary:  April 23rd we celebrated Hoover the rescued circus tiger’s 13th birthday and one year anniversary at Big Cat Rescue.

Big Cat Models

Viewer Paula Reviews the Arthur Andre V-Neck Tank:  Carole – just got my moisture wicking black v-neck shirt with Andre and Arthur. I love it! Sent a couple pictures. I like black as at my age with my wrinkles, prefer to blend into the background. But this shirt is wonderful – exactly the style and material I love. I take a terrible picture, but you can get the idea. Was going to order the one you were wearing a couple days ago, but it is not in black and just can’t bring myself to wear red:) I also got the necklaces and love them too – the length is perfect. Paula Drechsler

Big Cat Model

Find items with this graphic on it at:

We LOVE our Big Cat Models!!  PLEASE send us YOUR photos sporting Big Cat Rescue Geer.

Your purr-chases from go towards supporting our legislative efforts to get new laws that will end the abuse and exploitation of big cats and their babies.

People Often Ask

Q:  How do you decide which cats move where?

A:  There are so many factors that go into this question that it’s very hard to answer.

I’m going to give a shot at answering, in order of priority, the things we consider.

  1.  Where would the cat be happiest?  Some cats (Nikita Lion) never want to see another cat as long as they live.  Other cats (Amanda Tiger and Joseph Lion) may feel that some areas of the sanctuary are too busy.
  2. Where can we logistically move the cat? Some cats (Seth Tiger and Hoover Tiger) are probably never going to get into a transport on their own volition. If we put them somewhere, they are pretty much stuck there, if there are no above ground tunnels, until the next time he has to be sedated for a procedure.   Moving them to Tiger Lake means no other cat can visit that wonderful, lakeside Cat-a-Tat for a very long time.
  3. How will we handle their daily medical care?  Some cats (Zeus Tiger, TJ Tiger, Sabre Leopard) all have to get daily meds and/or multiple feedings per day.  If the cage is too big, they can just move away from us and ignore our pleas to come eat. We also have to think about who their neighbors are, because some are just too nosey and food aggressive, so they can be a huge annoyance to a cat that doesn’t feel well.
  4. How does the cage construction and plantings affect a cat’s ability to use the cage? (Mickey Cougar) Everyone loves Mickey and they want him to be on the tour path and to go on FunCation.  Due to his lameness, the only cage we have that has very flat floors, low lips on the doors and the least amount of things to navigate around, such as plants and platforms is far from the tour path.  It’s also one of the furthest cages from FunCation, so walking the tunnel would be a very long journey for him.  He has to pass by leopards on the way, and I don’t think he’d like that either.

There are other considerations, such as Will Bobcat, who runs into walls not being comfortable with change.

There are cats like Mrs Claws Bobcat and Sioux Bobcat who are too tiny to be held by 4 x 4 panels and have to live in 2 x 4 panel cage walls.

Skipper and Gilligan the Canada Lynx have the A/C dens, so even though I’d love to have both out on the tour path, that isn’t feasible.

When we announce that we are moving a cat you can be sure we have considered all of the above and more.  We talk to their keepers and we know, from years of dealing with their idiosyncrasies, what their limitations and preferences are.


We are asking our volunteers to come in Saturday to over haul Seth and TJ’s enclosures as part of the Tiger Lake Cat Walk renovation.

Keeper Corner

Priya loves her platform. She is very vocal and loves talking to her keepers and to tour guests.  ~Keeper Rebecca Williams

Viewer Pix

Viewer RobNJ:  Nikta on her lifeguard tower.

Viewer Robin-crackerob: She’s Up!

Viewer CherylJ:  Easy Grazing

Viewer Tammya: Gale, this is how you weed an enclosure…Supervisor Seth

S.A.V.E. Award February 2016

Per Viewer Request:  We are posting all of the 2016 S.A.V.E. Awards.

Scratch’s Award for Volunteer Excellence, the SAVE Award:  For outstanding volunteer service, the February SAVE Award went to Alex Foxx. She is a great worker who helps wherever she is needed with a smile on her face. Alex is enthusiastic and always wants to learn something new. Thank you so much and congratulations!

A donation of $1000 has been made in your honor to the Cape Leopard Trust to fund the conservation of caracals in South Africa.

The Cape Peninsula is a biodiversity hotspot that has lost almost all of its large mammals such as cape lions, leopards and brown hyenas. Caracals as a result may play a major role in maintaining the ecosystem as they are the largest remaining predator in the area. This study on caracals is a tool to understand how urbanization may be threatening wildlife and other parts of the world affected by similar factors.

Aims of the project:

  • Establish baseline information about the caracal population in the Cape Peninsula: population size, health of individuals, and the distribution of caracals across the Peninsula.
  • Evaluate the effects of urbanization on the behavior, movement patterns, diet, and genetic health of caracals in the Peninsula.
  • Assess threats to survival for caracals in the Peninsula and potentially beyond to other parts of South Africa.

Data will be collected using radio collar tracking of individuals, remote wildlife cameras to monitor the caracals, genetic analysis of individuals, and pesticide and disease testing.

Funds will be used to purchase equipment such as radio collars with four months of satellite tracking to collect data as well as for veterinary health assessments of the caracals being studied.


Cole & Marmalade’s Corner

My Cats Paint Better Than Me! 

Chris wants see YOUR portraits of Cole & Marmalade! …

Upload your furbulous artwork to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, tag Chris’ pages and use the hashtag #CamPawcasso 🙂

Big Cat Challenge

Make the Call of the Wild at

Support the tigers at Big Cat Rescue who are getting dental work today with this new tiger mug.

New Tiger Mug



Facebook Live Contest

When you purr-ticipate in Carole’s Facebook Live contest you need to put your answers in the special form at


Question: Who is our guest dentist from S. FL?

Answer:  Dr. Wade Gingerich

Winner: (waiting for LaWanna to pull the winner and notify them)

Prize chosen by winner:

 Viewer Videos From

Here is a list of YouTube channels that feature videos of the cats here:

  WANTED – Graphic Artists

Carole is looking for a graphic artist who really gets what we are all about and would would like to help us with some graphics for shirts.  If that is you or if you know someone like that, please have them email Carole at

 Quick Links

As per viewer suggestions, Quick Links now has it’s very own page

Bookmarking it will help you find things quickly.  That will come in handy for:

  • Helping us answer questions on social media
  • Finding answers to some of Carole’s Facebook Live questions


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