May 9 2019

Thurston Howell Bobcat by MaryLou Gies

Big Cat Updates

Big Cat Briefing May 9, 2019

In case you have missed previous days’ news briefings you can find them all at

Coordinator Report – Lauren Grant

Great day today, but it’s getting hot.

Dylan Lavigne, Ofek Krauss, and AJ cleaned up Jinx’s enclosure. Mike Enders, Aleesa Salcido, and Ashley Tait joined them after cleaning to help clean up around the outside. After lunch, the interns and Erin Carden worked on Max and MaryAnn’s enclosure. Hopefully, we can put her back outside soon! Brooklynne Dillon and Mike did food prep. We kept up with laundry today!

Thanks for everyone’s hard work!

Added note from Barbara Nicholas: A big “thank you” Lauren Grant for bringing snacks to Jinx and Sundari. Afton Tasler, too, for getting Nikki lion to come out. Donors were visiting and the cats were napping. The Tour was saved!

Videos of the Day

You really need to see this inside a VR headset to get the full experience.

Hosted by Mike Fitz, this live chat focuses on the bobcat rehabilitation program at Big Cat Rescue. Carole Baskin and Jamie Veronica. The sound is a bit choppy in places but so worth the effort because there is so much info about the bobcat rehab program at Big Cat Rescue.

Q & A at Big Cat Rescue – Follow along as Keeper Brittany shows you many of the Tigers, Lion, Leopards, Jaguar, Cougars, Lynx, Servals, Bobcats, Savannah Cats and an Ocelot that Call Big Cat Rescue was Rescue Home! Outback Cats Featured: Hoover, Amanda, Jasmine, Kali, and Sapphire!

Merchandise of the Day

The Gift Shop is requesting your feedback!! Please comment below if you would be interested in buying a set of playing cards that is dedicated as a Collectable Edition Featuring Past Cats. (Examples pictured) It will be like our current set of playing cards but will feature our Iconic Cats from the past for a limited time <3 This will help us gauge the interest level so we would know how many to order so please comment below! Thanks!!

Big Cat Rescue Merchandise
Big Cat Rescue Merchandise

Wow!! Check out this adorable Bobby Bobcat Plush that is Purrfect for snuggling!! 😻❤️ Your purchase helps Big Cat Rescue rehab and release Native Florida Bobcats!

Article Worth Reading – A Real Eye-Opener

Shocking photos and videos of places you have never seen gives you an idea of how huge the tiger slaughter crisis is. We met Karl Ammann at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival and I have the deepest admiration for his dedication to saving the tiger. We have been looking for a way to help him get his documentary videos in front of more people. When you see these clips and hear the truth, you will want to know more.

Photos for the Day

Apollo Siberian Lynx has this “LOOK” that makes me wish I knew what he was thinking!

Apollo Siberian Lynx
Apollo Siberian Lynx

MANNY, what a handsome boy!
WooHoo, the weekend is coming!!

Manny Jaguar
Manny Jaguar

Good morning Big Cat Rescue Friends! ☀️ What better way to start FURsday Thursday than with this beautiful lady, Miss Purr-Fection Ocelot!🐾 Photo: Intern Mike Enders

Purrfection Ocelot
Purrfection Ocelot

Ares Cougar wants to know if it’s the weekend yet.

Ares Cougar
Ares Cougar

YAWN! Artemis Cougar says watching her amazing keepers doing daily chores makes her sleepy.

Artemis Cougar
Artemis Cougar



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