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Big Cat Rescue Media Producer Wanted


Note:  We have hired someone for this position but will take back up applications until Nov. 25, 2014.


We have loved having Chris Poole as our media producer for the past 6 years, but he and his wife are moving to California on August 30, 2014.  We need to hire a new media producer and give them some time with Chris, before he goes, to familiarize them with the hundreds of hours of content he has stored and our processes and safety training.

In 2008 we were the 6th most popular Non Profit on YouTube with 111,000 views.  By 2014 we had 81,918,219 views.  We aren't just looking for someone who wants to video big cats all day.  We are looking for a rock star who can grow our audience.  Only apply if you know you can create videos like this or better:

Below is the job description and application.


Job Description & Potential Contract

This is a contract between XXX and Big Cat Rescue for a 40 hour work week at a pay rate of approximately $34,000 plus bonuses of up to $3,500 for exemplary work.

XXX will be reporting directly to the CEO on the following and will be subject to her final decision on all media produced.

Main job description -

Film, edit and produce a quality 5 minute Video Podcast about Big Cat Rescue once a week and upload to YouTube, Discovery Channel's Revision 3, Vimeo, Roku and other outlets. These videos must be excellent quality.

Film, edit and produce a reality series of weekly 20 minute segments for YouTube and Roku.

Knowledge of Mac, Adobe Creative Suites, IMovie and/or Final Cut Pro is preferred as these videos are worked on by others using these same tools and must be compatible file formats.

Animated graphics for Intros and Exits are to be created that brand our videos.

Graphic design for our videos and for fliers, signs, etc.

Use only music and video content that is owned by or licensed by Big Cat Rescue.

This is a venue with the capacity to reach millions of people with our message so it is imperative that all information be accurate, presented professionally, consistent with Big Cat Rescue's mission and values and that it be representative of Big Cat Rescue's reputation for excellence.

Respond in a timely to manner to all emails and calls involving media and branding work. This means logging in several times a day to YouTube and Google + to answer questions and do things to improve our network of friends, such as commenting on their videos and growing those relationships.

Be prepared to submit appropriate b-roll footage in a format that is usable for TV to enhance all of our public relations stories. Seek out opportunities to publicize the work of Big Cat Rescue in the media. Look online for contests and other opportunities to get our videos posted in new places with the highest return on time invested.

Equipment Maintenance –

Run periodic virus scans, defragments, and disc clean ups on your computer.

Repair minor defects and errors that occur with your printers, fax machines, phones, copiers, cameras, recorders and scanners used in conjunction with the production of media.

Keep back ups of all raw videos, tagged and categorized for future use, as well as back up copies of all completed movies and the project files.

Provide photography services for our programs, including the filming, printing, editing, saving to a format that can be sold or distributed. Follow along on Expeditions, Night Tours and Feeding tours taking photos of the guests, collecting their email address and then emailing their photos to them so that they can use them to advertise us to their friends. Work with the tour leaders to let people know what you are doing and why.

Provide wedding photography and videography at Big Cat Rescue weddings including the filming, printing, editing, saving to a format that can be sold or distributed.

Attend outreach events as needed to film the occasion. Filming our involvement with other organizations gives them a reason to promote our videos to their customers.

Management Duties –

Coordinate, train, and supervise admin volunteers to help with filming, editing, packaging, distribution and sales of finished products, such as DVDs, screensavers, press kits, promo kits and photos. It will be necessary to learn how to do all of these and do them well.

Coordinate special tours, presentations or some other kind of animal related experience for volunteers and interns to reward them for their time served. Create a business card that entitles the bearer to a mini photo tour with you. These can be used as rewards, so that if a person has done three projects they get the pass to use. When you do the tours, get photos and/or video of them with the cats, doing enrichment or operant conditioning, etc. so that they have something to show their friends and to remind them why they come. This will go a long way in boosting morale and making it easier to get projects done.

Keep track of who is working on projects, get lots of video and photos of them in this capacity for use in our marketing and for the reasons mentioned above.  Much of this job will be like running a reality TV show set all day and it will be up to you to build relationships inside our organization so that everyone is comfortable with you filming every aspect of what we do.

Refer to this list regularly to be sure you are doing all of the things we need you to do.

Other duties as assigned by the officers and directors of Big Cat Rescue.

I understand that this is a no touch facility and if I touch a cat, or put myself within striking distance, it is grounds for immediate dismissal.

I, XXX, have read the above job description and agree to employment under its terms as set out herein:


Equipment & Resources Provided


We provide an iMac Pro and two Sony video cameras. One is a Sony, 6 or 7 years old, but shoots in 1080P on tape. The other is a new Sony FDRAX1 4K Camcorder Video Camera with 20x Optical Zoom with 3.5-Inch LCD and films to 2 digital cards. Two GoPros, iPhone, hovercraft for iPhone and Google Glass (on occasion).

The job has a private, quiet office with it’s own bath room and kitchen access.

We provide 100 beautiful cats to film, music from APM and stock footage by Discovery and other paid sources.

We have a remarkable following on social channels and are seeking a “rock star” that continue our growing trend.



Media Producer Application


Chris Poole describes his typical work day as the Media Producer for Big Cat Rescue. He covers Final Cut Pro, APM Music, Discovery and Video Blocks footage that we use, uploading to Rev 3's Animalist, how he stores clips on backup drives, how he organizes his shoots based on our media plan, and creating graphics in Photoshop. Chris also shows us how to use the GoPro camera and accessories, the 4k Sony, the older Sony VideoCam, the remote mics and shotgun mount and ends with more storage to insure that we never lose a clip.

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