Heatwave spells death for ‘backyard’ dogs (1 July)


Handling pet treats can cause human ills (1 July)


Dog-lovers to chain themselves to a dog-house for 2 weeks to raise awareness about plight of chained dogs (1 July)


China: Beijing adopts rigid measures on dog-keeping (2 July)


Article about companion animal welfare in the Philippines (2 July)


Brochure/web advice issued on household hazards for pets (3 July)


UK: pet thefts soar to 1000 per week (5 July)


Families dump small pets in post World Cup holiday rush (11 July)


Buying dogs online carries risks (12 July)


Australian pet welfare Summit calls for pets to be sterilized prior to sale (13 July)


Tug-of-war erupts over Hurricane Katrina pets (16 July)


Kitten born with two faces (17July)


Article about growth in pet industry in China (19 July)


Disease threat to rescued animals in Bahrain (24 July)


Fleeing owners in Israel/Lebanon conflict forced to abandon pets (26 July)


50,000 dogs culled in China in attempt at rabies prevention (31 July)


Disney teams up with American Kennel Club to try and prevent impulse acquisitions of dogs (29 July),1,1401877.story?ctrack=1&cset=true


Korean performance art emphasizes cruelty of dog slaughterhouses (31 July)





Article about ‘non-lethal’ hunting (3 July)  


Gorilla dies during heart surgery at Washington Zoo (3 July)


Nude protest at Pamplona bull run (5 July)


Legal case filed against substandard conditions in Indian zoos (5 July)


Canadian zoos under new criticism (6 July)


Six people hurt on first day of Pamplona bull runs (7 July)


US: Massachusetts voters to be balloted on phase-out of greyhound racing (8 July)


Two horses die at Calgary Stampede race, USA (9 July)


Another US state bans internet hunting (10 July)


Gay animal celebration at London Zoo (10 July)


Theft of exotic animals from zoos is increasing (12 July)


UK dog-racing watchdog to probe dog deaths (17 July)


UK: woodlands hit by invasion of the gun birds (30 July),,2087-2291437.html


Controversial Thai elephants ready for export to Australia (31 July)





US: factory farms being let off the hook for water pollution, activists say (1 July)


Scotland: venison sales up by 70% as buyers seek healthier meat (1 July)


Call for ban on imports of Brazilian meat to EU, over drugs record (1 July)


Canada: new national initiative aims to ‘Put Farm Animal Welfare on the Agenda’ (1 July)


Fears over sex hormones in beef (3 July),,8122-2253546,00.html


Australia: dry conditions see live sheep exports increase (5 July)


US: Arizona initiative seeks roomier pens for pigs and calves (5 July)


Article about kosher slaughter in the US (9 July)


New Zealand: scientists urge ban on sales of fresh chicken in bid to curb campylobacter epidemic (9 July)


Organic meat dominates world organic food market (10 July)


Article about ethics, food and UK shopping habits (12 July)


Article by Peter Singer about the inefficiency of modern meat production (12 July),,1818266,00.html


Organic meat market growth sparks supply shortage (13 July)


UK: free range sector of egg market set to increase (25 July)


Australia: concern over factory-fared eggs being passed off as free-range (30 July)


US: Californian heatwave kills thousands of livestock and causes pileup of carcasses (31 July)


Bird flu outbreak prompts mass chicken cull in Thailand (31 July)





‘Judgement Day’ set for polar bears (1 July)


Poachers leave African apes facing extinction (1 July)


US: Pentagon exempts Navy from whale protection law (3 July)


China offers hungry elephants ‘dinner hall’ plantations to try and lure them away from farmers crops (3 July)


Indian tidal power plant will threaten tigers, say critics (3 July)


Illegal fishing threatens survival of Europe’s tuna (5 July)


African Grey parrots under threat from pet trade (5 July)


Bushmeat ‘sold in secret European and US markets’ (5 July)


EU tries new ideas to end over-fishing and boost stocks (5 July)


Greens applaud companies halting high-seas trawls (5 July)


Endangered whales get protected area off Alaska (7 July)


Over 1/3 of amphibian species could become extinct in the near future (9 July)


Namibian seal cull is ‘genocide’ (9 July)


Article about monkeys being taken from wild and transported to UK animal labs (9 July)–voyage-to-hell–name_page.html&itemid=200607091050400.159681


Survey suggests Black Rhinos of West Africa are extinct (10 July)


Socialising helped Ebola virus wipe out a gorilla population in DRC (11 July)


China’s first captive-bred giant panda to be released into the wild coping well (11 July)


Vulture numbers declining in Africa and Asia (12 July),,1821631,00.html


Malaysian state to log orangutan habitats (16 July)


Tourism and turtles in turf war on Greek island (17 July)


Tiger habitat shrinks by 40% in 10 years (21 July)


Warmer waters disrupt Pacific food chain (22 July)


Pesticide leaves robins unable to carry a tune (23 July)


Dolphins hunted for sport and fertilizer (28 July)


Global illegal wildlife trade worth US $10 billion (31 July)


Lebanon oil spill makes animals casualties of war (31 July)





Research indicates mice can feel empathy (1 July)


Opinion article on the concept of cruelty to people, animals and nature (1 July)


South Africa: some say that draft regulations to ban hunting with dogs could lead to farmers using poison (1 July)


Article about cloning (3 July)


Animal-to-human transplant health fears (4 July)


Australia: RSPCA chief calls for peak body to oversee animal welfare (5 July)


Laboratory chimps retire with help of Dutch government (5 July)


Baboons use hand gestures to communicate (6 July)


‘Remembering our fallen heroes’ – article about the suffering of animals in war (8 July),,22876-2255266_1,00.html


Consumption of too much animal protein may lead to cancer (9 July)


Australia: Animal testing in state of Victoria ‘sky-rocketing’ (10 July),20281,19738709-5001028,00.html


Article about aquatic therapy for horses (10 July)


Kangaroo skin increasing in popularity (12 July)


Israel – tens of thousands of animals killed in army medical tests (12 July)


Canada: Boo, the escaped grizzly bear, returns to his compound (13 July)


Rio de Janeiro considers animal experimentation ban (16 July)


Article about Oxana, a Ukrainian girl who was brought up living with feral dogs as a child (17 July)


UK: over half of people surveyed were against taxpayer’s money being used to build animal testing labs (24 July)


Rise in number of animals used in UK medical research (25 July)


UK: figures reveal rise in animal cruelty (25 July)


Global alert system set up for animal-human diseases (25 July)


Study for a Masters Degree in Humane Education (distance learning) – more details here:


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