Missing lynx gets away again in Florida

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Monique Mattiace, Correspondent
Originally published 08:33 p.m., October 14, 2008
Updated 08:33 p.m., October 14, 2008
PALM CITY — A Siberian lynx named Simba that went missing at the beginning of the month was found a half a mile away from its home before it got away again over the weekend.
Around 9:30 p.m. Saturday, Tina Love, the lynx’s owner, received a call from her daughter’s best friend saying Simba had been found not far from Love’s Wood Creek Drive home and police were on the scene.
“Me and my friend hopped on our bicycles and went to the area only a half a mile away,” Love said. “When we arrived, Simba was there on the corner of the bend.”
Love said she slowly approached Simba until she was half a foot way from the cat and it walked up to her and curled up in her arms.
“It felt like a million dollars when she was back in my arms,” Love said. “It was a really beautiful thing.”
But that moment didn’t last long.
Love managed to put Simba in the back seat of the police car and sit down with her, but Simba escaped again before the car door was closed.
“When I got her in the back seat, everyone panicked and pushed toward us. That’s when Simba just freaked,” Love said. “She got scared. There were too many people. Everyone was there.”
Simba originally became missing Oct. 4 after Love put the cat on the back porch and awoke to find a hole in the screen and Simba gone.
Despite all the traps Love has put near her home, the only thing she has caught are raccoons and frogs, she said. Now, she is again asking for the public’s help.
“I need help to get her back,” Love said. “I’m a single mom with kids. I need manpower.”
Every morning and night, Love goes out on her bicycle searching for Simba. She said she won’t give up until she finds the cat.
Anyone who spots Simba is asked to call the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission at (850) 488-4676 and Love at (772) 341-8221.
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