Moon Shadows and Rain Forests

Moon Shadows and Rain Forests


MoonShadows and RainForests started as a dream several years ago.  In 2002 I was diagnosed with MS. While the diagnosis was initially a shock, it also turned into a blessing.  In 2005, it became more clear I could no longer physically meet the demands of the 50-60 hour demands of my profession, and I was forced to “slow down.”  Slowing down allowed me to become more “thoughtful.”  I began to look around and “think” about the things that I have a true passion for; the gifts and beauty of nature. Before I was forced to slow down, it seemed like there was never the time to truly appreciate my passions. So I made a small list of the simple things in life that bring smiles to my face.  Candles, cats and causes.

One cause I feel very strongly about is preserving the rich wonders of the rainforests. Tropical Rainforests provide a home for jaguars, leopards, pumas, and tigers. Being the quintessential cat lover, I would hate to see these magnificent creatures lose more of their natural habitat. Rainforests only cover a small area of the world (7%), yet a huge number of animals live in them. Today, more than two-thirds of the world’s wild cats are now rare or endangered. This is largely because their habitats are disappearing as humans move into and develop the natural world.

Rainforests also hold the key to possible major medical breakthroughs in the treatment and cure of many devastating diseases. Rainforests contain an amazing abundance of plant life—just two-and-a-half acres of Amazon rainforest are believed to house approximately 900 tons of botanicals. Even more exciting is the fact that scientists and researchers have only just begun to uncover the medicinal properties of rainforest herbs and flora. Nature has provided us with a treasure of herbal remedies—secrets that offer new approaches to health and healing. Plants thought to help treat or cure cancer, AIDS and malaria have been found in the rainforests of Borneo. Perhaps even a cure for MS will be found in the rainforests.

I was looking for a way I could combine all my passions into something meaningful.

I began to study the art of the chandler.  I chose natural waxes because nature is important to me.  I also prefer to give my “dollar vote” to soybean farmers or palm growers, as opposed to multi-national petroleum corporations. After two years choosing just the right formulation of the best waxes and other botanicals, premium quality fragrance and essential oils, followed by testing and more testing with a variety of cotton wicks to produce the strongest, cleanest burning candles I could make. I incorporated Rainforests into the name and used my website as a means of education about nature, preservation and conservation.

All I needed to complete the dream was to somehow involve cats.  I have a large black cat, Elliott. (named after TS Elliott the cat lover) Elliott is a SPCA cat. To me, Elliott is the best medicine in the world.  An acquaintance once mentioned how Elliott looked like a black Jaguar, (he DOES have a very regal face) and mentioned the Big Cat Rescue, which just happened to be a local sanctuary for big cats. I did a web search, found the Big Cat Rescue site, watched the videos, and immediately fell in love.  It was PERFECT!  Now I could combine all my passions into something beautiful and meaningful!  I contacted Big Cat Rescue. pitched my idea of fundraising and Candles for Causes was launched!  Carole couldn’t have made it easier for me to incorporate my idea.

Now when a customer purchases a $35 adoption kit includes through MoonShadows and RainForests, they receive the adoption kit and a Special Edition Rainforest Scent Candle; soft top notes of Ylang Ylang, blended with jungle florals and spices, aromatic teas and leaves, and resting on strong base notes of earthy, fragrant teak wood.

This candle scent was a special formulation “For the Cats” and only available with the purchase of an Adoption Kit.

While Candles for Causes is still very new, I have already seen a 38% increase in “new visitors” to my site just since it’s launch!  It’s sure seems like a win-win relationship, and I’m looking forward to making a LOT of Rainforest Scented Candles “For the Cats.”

Beryl Coder

MoonShadows and RainForests

Premium Home Fragrancing – Scented by Nature



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