Rebuttal to Netflix

Tiger King; Murder, Mayhem and Madness

The Secret Episode 3

I spent five hours going through the episode lie by lie. The following will seem to jump around a bit, but if you want the real story about how I treated Don Lewis, Anne McQueen and his daughters, then you might want to do what I just did and play a minute of the film, and see the corresponding notes below. I should have put a time stamp, but it all ties together, so if you care, it’s worth watching and reading in unison.  Attached are case numbers and dockets to prove my statements.  If you want a concise summary, without all of the links and documentation go to:

Before I get into it though, this summary by Ben at Generation Films, asks viewers to use some common sense in thinking about what Netflix portrayed.  Even though Ben thinks I’m probably “insufferable” I appreciate his intellectual curiosity and someday maybe we will meet and he can decide for sure.

OK, if you still have any doubt that you were misled for entertainment purposes, please read on:

The 1996 footage at the beginning, of Don with the lions, is Mufasa and Sarbai, for those who would know them later.

On 6/27/97 Don went to Mark McCarthy’s place and came back with Jade and Armani the leopards, who had been born just 10 days prior. Don had maintained that he only wanted small cats, so I asked why he’d brought home leopards and he said, “They’re small.” I could only shake my head in disbelief that he wasn’t thinking about how big they would be in just a few months. McCarthy said Don told him his life was in danger, but didn’t say by whom, and if he was in danger, why did he bring home more cubs for me to have to raise?

Vernon Yates has physically tried to attack me twice. More about his motive to lie about me:

I’m pretty sure Wendell Williams has a criminal history as I remember coming across a mug shot of him once while searching something, but can’t find it now. Wendell is the person who dug out the lake at the sanctuary, sold the dirt and then began back filling the place as an illegal dump site for construction debris. When I found out what he was doing, and he stopped making payments, I foreclosed on him and that’s how we obtained the first 40 acres of what is now the 67 acre sanctuary site on Easy Street. Of course he had a reason to lie. More about what he and Anne McQueen were doing to Don here: And now they appear to be business partners.

The footage of Don petting cats included Simba Leopard and Shere Khan Tiger. To my knowledge Don never spoke to Gladys Lewis Cross nor his kids after September 1996 when his last daughter to betray him, Gale Rathbone, testified against him to get more money for her mom than the settlement she’d agreed to in 1990. That’s when he told me to dissolve the PRSL Land Trust that I’d set up for them when we married to convey his assets that were not part of our business dealings to a trust for them.
On 6/16/97 Don tells Wendell to get all his junk off the sanctuary grounds. Wendell doesn’t say when he last saw Don. My notes from 6/3/97 said Don was calling everyone, including my father Lynda Sanchez. I was trying to get him to see a specialist, but Anne McQueen kept intervening.

I mis spoke when I said I was 20 in Jan. 1981 when I met Don. I was born 6/6/61 so I was 19. I shouldn’t try to do quick math in my head when there are variables like months. After that Don is holding Little Feather Bobcat.

Having Vernon Yates be the person to tell the story of Don and I meeting was so bizarre given the fact that Don hated Yates more than just about anyone on the planet, after Yates, assisted by the Florida Wildlife Commission took two leopards from Don and sold them. The FWC had told us Don’s Class 1 permit had been issued and it was OK to rescue two young leopards who were about to be euthanized. They immediately showed up with Yates to confiscate the cubs.

I feel for Gladys because every woman in Don’s orbit adored him. He could make you feel like you were the only woman in the world; the only one who understood him; the only one he ever really loved. In the 1998 Dateline / People Magazine article Anne McQueen said she was probably the only woman he didn’t try to have sex with. Gladys makes it sound like she told Don it was over as soon as she learned about me, but Don had relayed two incidents of Gladys trying to run him over with a car and shoot him with his own gun from the glove box after learning about previous girlfriends. He’d explained to me that wrestling the gun away from her was why he had claw marks across his face. I knew about his other girlfriends, his staff all knew about his other girl friends, his daughters said they knew about his other girlfriends. Heck, even some guy named Dale Lively, who said he was Don’t mechanic (I never heard of him) knew about Don’s girlfriends, so it’s disingenuous for Gladys to now take the position that I was the cause of their divorce.

Don told me Gladys divorced him after learning he’d had sex with her 15 year old niece because that was just too embarrassing now that he’d brought that shame into her own family. Don said Gladys claimed he raped the girl but she probably used the term “statutory rape” and Don didn’t understand the difference.  I didn’t think Don would rape anyone, because he was so good at wooing women, he didn’t need to and I’d been sexually active since I was 14, so that didn’t seem so young to me at the time.  I find it repulsive now.

The following is long, but it’s an entry from my diary dated 8/16/96:

I read the Cross Vs. Lewis 95-DR-005258 case today, including depositions by both her and Sheldon Wind, Esq. These are the highlights from Gladys Lewis Cross’ deposition.

Sheldon Wind, Esquire alleged that Don agreed to forgive a $40k mortgage on his building if he would help cheat Gladys Lewis Cross out of her rightful share in the 1990 Divorce case. (Sheldon Wind, Esq. said he received only $500.00 for the divorce in his depo).

Gladys Lewis Cross remarried 3/2/91 one year to the day that she and Don divorced. In her complaint she said that it had been “several years” before she remarried and that she had not received alimony during all that time.

Gladys Lewis Cross claimed that in March 1994 she was at Lynda Sanchez’s house and just happened to see the books on the computer and that Lynda Sanchez searched back, on screen and showed her that Don was worth 5 million now, and showed her that he was worth 5 million (nearly six, she said a dozen times) back in 1990, the year of their divorce. She said Lynda Sanchez wrote her dad a letter and quit the same day that she showed her all of the records. She said Lynda Sanchez made her a print out of all of the years accounting and she was holding this at the depo. Gladys Lewis Cross said she seethed over it until September and then called Ron Reed, Esquire out of the phone book.

Almost in the same sentence she said that Don was now (1994) worth 5 million and that “knowing him” he could easily have doubled his net worth since the divorce. Gale Porter, Esquire pointed out to her that this would have made Don worth 2.5 million in the year of their divorce based upon her calculations and then she started saying that the copies of the tax returns she got from Ziegler for 1990 showed Don’s net worth to be 5 million back then. Gladys Lewis Cross said that if Don truly was worth only 3 million in 1990 then she would be happy with what she got. Her Attorney nearly broke his neck trying to cover her mouth.

Gladys Lewis Cross said that Don had as much as $200,000.00 buried in jars in the yard along with gold and silver. She had been saying all along that the divorce settlement was unfair, because she was not allowed to know anything about the business and that she was not allowed in the office and that her daughters were instructed not to ever let her know anything about the money Don made, but then under cross examination admitted to knowing about all of the money buried. She said she wouldn’t go to the office because Dorothy was there and she said Don had children by her and that Don essentially fired Gladys Lewis Cross so that he could be at work alone with Dorothy all day. How long has Dorothy been gone? 11 years? Gladys Lewis Cross also went on to admit that she did not know if Don told the daughters to not discuss his business with Gladys Lewis Cross before or after the divorce, which negated all of her claims all along that she could not find out before the divorce what Don had due to her allegation that her girls were not allowed to talk to her.

Gladys Lewis Cross claimed to have asked Don for a divorce on Nov. 13, 1989 and then she said he moved in with me Feb. 14, 1990. I remember her asking Don for a divorce on Valentine’s Day (not before) because I thought that was exceptionally cruel to pick a Lover’s holiday for such a blow. Nonetheless, she claimed throughout that she accepted Don’s settlement and terms only because she was so afraid of him, but Porter pointed out that according to her own testimony, Don had moved out five months prior to the divorce, so what was she afraid of? She said she was afraid he might yell at her. She said that she had found out about him having two mistresses and the attack on her niece because Don had come to her and confessed the whole thing.

Gladys Lewis Cross kept saying in all of her written complaints and answers that she was never allowed to talk to Sheldon Wind, Esq. alone about the divorce, but she and Sheldon Wind, Esq. both admitted to at least two occasions on which they spoke without Don present, one of which being the hour drive to Sumpter County. She admitted to meeting Sheldon Wind, Esq. alone in his office, going over the settlement agreement and said that she did not sign out of fear. She got really carried away at one point and admitted that she had told Anne McQueen, Gale Rathbone and Lynda Sanchez to “go through Don’s stuff and pick out all the good mortgages for her”.

Porter, nearly fainted and tried to readdress what she had just said, but she began saying she did not know how Anne McQueen and the girls arrived at their figures. She admitted to Anne McQueen and the girls coming to the house and sitting around the dining room table (after denying it a bunch of times), but she maintained that all of the evidence presented to her was a piece of scratch paper and a list of the properties and mortgages she would get. Porter asked her several times about all of the files and she kept saying that none of those were ever where she could see them and were “absolutely never in the house”.

Gladys Lewis Cross has insisted all along that Sheldon Wind, Esq. misrepresented her because he did not disclose to her how much Don had, but she and Sheldon Wind, Esq. both said in their depositions that she had told Sheldon Wind, Esq. that the settlement agreement was what she wanted and that she did not want anything else.

In her complaint she only referred to the real estate and mortgages, but Porter asked her about, and she admitted to getting the Mercedes, the Chrysler, jewelry, $18,000.00 in silver, $20,000.00 in gold and $20,000.00 in cash. She kept complaining that Don bought properties in other peoples names and therefore his daughters did not know about it, but these would have to be included in a 1990 report showing Don worth 5 million done by Lynda Sanchez.

Sheldon Wind, Esq. made a valid point be saying that although he knows Don buys properties in names other than his own, still a check must be written to pay for these and that would be included in reports seen by the girls. Sheldon Wind, Esq. said that Don does a lot of his own legal work (that would be me, as the one of us who can read) and because of that he would have had no way of knowing Don’s net worth in 1990. He went on further to say that he knew Gladys Lewis Cross was in and out of the shop all the time and that “nothing could have kept her from knowing all about Don’s business”. Sheldon Wind, Esq. said that he knew Don did not keep double sets of books and that any file Gladys Lewis Cross would have ever wanted to see would have been kept at the office, where her daughters worked. – end of diary quote

Back to the Netflix Episode 3

I love Kenny Farr like a son. He was someone I could trust to keep Don from getting lost or going into cages with cats who could kill him, while I worked. His estimation of Don being worth 20 million made me laugh out loud. That was four times what our holdings had ever been worth prior to Don’s disappearance on Aug. 18, 1997.

Anne McQueen could have been close to correct that the overall property values might have approached 7 million, but that wasn’t the net value due to mortgages and 3 years worth of back taxes owed on every parcel. Don or Anne, hadn’t been paying the property taxes so when I learned about it, after his disappearance, there was a huge threat of losing everything as the cash flow was barely sufficient to keep everything from going up for public auction. Part of the embezzlement I discovered was that Anne would take money from our checking account to buy those tax certificates in her maiden name, so that she could control if the properties were sold to pay her lien.

Joe Fritz being listed as “Don’s Attorney” was weird. Sheldon Wind, Esquire was Don’s Attorney if it was something I couldn’t do pro se for us. The first time I met Joe Fritz, I was doing a foreclosure on a person who wasn’t paying and Fritz was their attorney. He came to Don and I and said that a case like this could drag out for months and cost us $1500.00 to pursue so if we’d just pay him that money he’d throw his client under the bus. I never wanted anything to do with him after that, but it’s no doubt what attracted Don to use him for cases that didn’t involve me. I’d be curious to see what cases Joe Fritz, Esquire handled for Don. I remember Don being slapped with a racketeering charge for something he’d done with one of his girlfriends, Pamela Enriquez and Richard Perez. I wasn’t involved in it, and don’t know the details, other than Don said he paid Pamela a million dollars not to testify against him.

Lynda Sanchez said Don had money when I met him in 1981 and he may have had more money than he’d ever had before, but he wasn’t a millionaire and only owned a couple pieces of low valued property (his office trailer lot and his house according to the public records I found) Don and I built the real estate business together, but I had to stay in the back ground because he said he didn’t want to rub his family’s nose in our affair. I was fine with that and was happy to plow every dime right back into building the real estate portfolio. You can search the public records yourself. Don lived in Pasco and Hillsborough counties and never owned property outside those counties until we invested in other counties together.

Mark McCarthy said when we started Wildlife On Easy Street in 1992 we bought, sold and bred big cats for years. Yes, we bred smaller cats; never lions or tigers, from roughly 1994-1997 when I started spaying and neutering cats while Don was in Costa Rica. Don bought and sold cats up until 1997.  The incident that supposedly started this whole quest for Eric Goode was a snow leopard in a van in south Florida.  The only people in possession of snow leopards there, to my knowledge are Mark McCarthy and Mario Tabraue of Zoological Wildlife Foundation.

The 94,000 Joe refers to as money spent buying animals was from stolen book keeping records where each cat’s price, if we bought them, and their vet care, food and other expenses were compiled each year. I’ve seen copies of what Joe passes around and it’s been changed over time with all sorts of notations and handwriting that was not mine. After those records were stolen, I had to start over with digital records from what I could find, but the price isn’t relevant. Joe tries to make the case that we mislead people and that was never true. We’ve always disclosed our cats’ origins accurately on site, on our tours, online and in our mailings. These are the same old lies the bad guys have told for years and have been refuted for years online here.

Dennis Hill and the story of Shere Khan (Scrappy), our first tiger is here: He’s the first of the backyard breeders that I remember threatening to kill me.  On Jan. 17, 2006 at 2:10 PM Dennis Hill called my cell phone from an unlisted number and threatened to have some of his friends in Florida track me down and kill me. At that time Bhagavan Kevin Antle and Tabraue were both operating out of south Florida.

The 1994 video called Exotic Cats as Housepets was my attempt at improving the survival rate for cubs and kittens because the industry standard was 30% mortality and our mortality rate was 3%. The clip of the two black leopards are Jumanji and Black Magic. I later wrote a self published book by that same title in the hopes of dissuading people from getting exotic cats by showing how much work and expense was involved. Turns out you can’t educate people out of doing something selfish and dangerous, and why we currently seek better laws. See

Debra Sandlin was a red shirt volunteer, back in the 90s, which at that time would indicate she had less than 6 months with us, or she would have been graduated to yellow. Why she ever thought she knew anything about Don and me is a mystery. She’s a monkey owner. She said I didn’t want to take the cats to Costa Rica and that turned out to be true. Originally, I was keen on the idea but couldn’t find a decent big cat vet or a food source that would support our cats. Between Debra Sandlin and Lynda Sanchez, they said Don wanted to go to Costa Rica so he could avoid regulations prohibiting breeding, but there were no such restrictions in the U.S. and still aren’t.

I’m curious how Lynda Sanchez would know about Don’s love life in Costa Rica as he’d been estranged to her since Sept. 1996. I’m guessing Anne knew something and was telling them. Gladys Lewis Cross and Lynda say that I thought I was going to change Don and that I was jealous, but our affair had always had a huge array of his indiscretions, so I knew what he was like. I chose to believe him when he said I was the only woman in his life after we married, but I did so by ignoring obvious signs; like why he’d fly to Costa Rica every month during my period. Except for that week each month Don and I had sex daily and sometimes more often. I couldn’t imagine that he had any need that I wasn’t filling, other than that monthly excursion he’d take. Even Don’s daughter refers to Don’s condition as being a sexaholic. After Don’s disappearance there was a long line of women who contacted me saying they were his girlfriend, and / or the mother of more of his children.

Anne McQueen’s story about Don giving her an envelope and saying, “If anything happens to me, give it to the police,” doesn’t hold water. Don had filed for, and been denied, a restraining order on 6/20/97 and presumably gave it to Anne, but she didn’t tell me or the police about it until 9/9/97 when she sprung it on me in a court hearing with Judge Sexton as a way to try and have herself appointed as Conservator of our estate. I believe Don’s only reason for having done it was in an effort to be able to stop me from hauling off all his “good stuff” if he got a call from Wendell Williams, while Don was in Costa Rica, ratting me out for hauling off some of the debris. When it happened before, and Don called the police to ask them to stop me from hauling off junk from our marital home, they told him he’d need a restraining order, for them to put me off our property.

Anne McQueen later admitted that the restraining order was only done for that reason. But now, 20 years later, it fits her narrative better to say that she forgot she had it. Really? Someone says “If anything happens to me, give it to the police” and 2 months later they are gone, how would you not think about the letter, unless you knew it was a lie. I feel bad that Anne apparently has lied to Don’s family about the origin of that restraining order complaint.

I never threatened to kill Don. He called me his Guardian Angel because I was always the one protecting him. I loved him and protected him from those who would take advantage of him to the best of my ability.

I don’t know why Kenny said the cops didn’t investigate the van at the airport, because they were the ones who found it, went through it and then told me about it. Maybe it’s because Kenny didn’t know they’d already been through it and when he saw them look at it a couple days later at the sanctuary, he thought it was the first time. Obviously the police found prints and followed up because Dale Lively says that’s what brought them to his door. I’m wondering why his prints were in the system? Was he a criminal too?

I don’t know if Detective John Marsicano left it out, or if the editors of the docuseries did, but I was trying to get the police to investigate every possible lead. People were reporting to me that Don was in Costa Rica, so I asked the police to search there. They said it wasn’t in the budget. I told them I’d pay all the expenses for them to go, and they said they can’t do that and be seen as favoring victims who could pay. I have a $100,000 reward out for finding Don, and asked if they could accept that if they found him and they declined. Finally, I think due to so much noise coming out of Costa Rica that he was there, they finally went there to investigate on their own dime.  I hired a bounty hunter / private detective who knew Don, but he couldn’t find him either.

I’d like to know who told Joseph Fritz that Don was heading out to evaluate a new plane to buy, because that’s the only theory that makes sense to me. The part about throwing Don out of the plane seems absurd, as that seems like a risk no one would want to take to their own life. I’ve had 21 years to run theories through my head, and the only one that makes sense to me is that Don asked someone to bring an ultra light to Pilot Country before hours, as that’s what Don had been shopping for. Don had tried to convince me to trade my 1961 Cardinal for an ultralight and I told him I didn’t want him flying around in something powered by a lawn mower motor. If Don met the person at the airport, bought the plane and flew the person back to their home, then if Don flew back home, over the gulf, under the radar, as he was prone to do, and crashed, we’d likely never find the wreckage. Don had already crashed one plane into the water off Cedar Key a few years before.  Don had two other plane crashes; one for forgetting to put the landing gear down at the Zephyrhills airport and one where he flew into power lines trying to escape Hurricane Helena.

In 1997 I had caught Wendell telling Don, “Remember that two grand you owe me?” and Don peeled off two thousand dollars and gave it to him. A few hours later, I saw Wendell do it again, and because of Don’s dementia, he peeled off two thousand dollars again and gave it to Wendell. I confronted Wendell about it, so I believe he did all he could to get rid of me by lying to Don. I was trying to get Don to an Alzheimer’s specialist, but Anne McQueen intervened. All of this has been documented in my diary over the years and is my recorded opinion of the matter. I’ve given the information to the police and to the press and to these documentarians. It always seems more enticing to attract viewers by leaving these details out.  I believe Anne knew Wendell was cheating Don because she threatened to quit if he made her write any more checks (these were over $60,000 each) to Wendell unless Don would make Wendell give us proper security.

The documentary never does reveal that Joe Exotic only lip synced to songs written and recorded by Vince Johnson and Danny Clinton. Despite the producers being told otherwise, and them recording his voiceover in the car, and after we gave them the lead to find the singer / songwriter at The mix softened Joe’s voice against Vince’s voice on the CD in the car so much that I don’t think the media or most viewers figured out that it wasn’t Joe singing the song. I have all of the emails back and forth with Vince Johnson telling me that he wrote and recorded these at a price of $7000 each for Joe to pretend to sing.

The meat grinder in the video was enormous. Out meat grinder was one of those little table top, hand crank things, like you’d have in your kitchen at home. Meat had to be cut into one inch cubes to go through it. Anyone who wants to put up the money to replace our septic tanks is welcome to dig them all up. (I don’t have a photo of our meat grinder but it was exactly like this one in size and shape)
Some people said that Don trusted Anne McQueen more than anyone, but I had confronted both of them in May of 1997 about Anne putting our properties in her maiden name and Don was shocked and said he’d never authorized that. He told her to sign them back over but she never did and it took five court motions and threats of sanctions and contempt of court to get her to do so during the Conservatorship case #97-CP-002001 that followed Don’s disappearance three months later.

Detective Marsicano seemed to find it weird that I was driving to a 24 hour grocery store in the middle of the night, but we were feeding kittens every 4 hours, around the clock, so we weren’t keeping regular hours. The movie keeps showing a late model white van but ours was a blue and grey 1986 Ford Econoline, I think. My parents replaced Don’s van in 1998 with a white van after the old one caught fire while transporting my crew and some cats. No one was hurt, but the van was toast.

Kenny Farr, Debbie Sandlin and Gladys Lewis Cross all said my parents didn’t like Don, and they didn’t, because they thought he was a drug dealing criminal. They were nice to him because I loved him. It’s noteworthy that Gladys’ main concern seems to be that everyone was after the money she was trying to extort from Don and later the estate through her daughters. If we were all greedy and taking advantage of Don who was being heralded as this golden goose, then why did my parents live in a trailer? Why do I live in a wooden house, built in the 70s that I paid $45,000 for and drive an 8 year old pick up truck my father gave me?

Kenny says there was nothing the police could do to keep me from hooking the trailer up and bringing it to the sanctuary to protect the documents inside. I showed the police that I had Power of Attorney to do so, and told them they could come go through the trailer as much as they wanted at the sanctuary, but I couldn’t let Anne keep hauling boxes of our files off as she’d been seen doing by my dad. Some people made a fuss about using the word “disappearance,” but Don had told me about people going to Costa Rica and disappearing and he was dealing with the mob down there, so I thought that seemed like a potential threat and included the word. I also included disability because of Don’s increasingly strange behavior. Our Costa Rican attorney, Roger Petersen said the Helicopter Brothers were their version of the mob and Don was loaning them money.

Kenny said I “got rid of everybody who worked for Don” but I kept Kenny. I fired all of the office staff because I believed they knew Anne was moving our properties into her name and didn’t trust them. My mother did the work of all six of them for the next 20 years without help. Kenny had asked for Don’s closet full of guns and I gave them to him but Don’s clothes hung in my closet for years. I did get rid of every broken down piece of junk Don had piled up around the sanctuary.

Gale Rathbone smiled saying her sister Donna Pettis told them there was a note on my refrigerator saying, “Never speak that man’s name again in this house.” That never happened and Donna (nor any of her sisters) were ever in our house after Don disowned them in September of 1996.

Fritz and McQueen talk about the Will, but almost all of our properties were held in trusts, which do not have to be probated via a Will. Even though Gladys lied when she said I took the bad properties out of the estate and gave them to Don’s daughters and kept the good properties for myself, I appreciate that they noticed there was a huge difference in the properties in the PRSL Land Trust and those in the Guardian Angel Land Trust. At the time I married Don, I took all the properties he’d invested in on his own and put them in the PSRL Land Trust. PSRL was the initials of the last names of Don’s kids. Everything that Don and I had worked on together, I put in the Guardian Angel Land Trust or in sub sets of that trust. As properties sold and were re invested, the money and new properties bought from the money, went back into their respective trusts. Don was not good at investing in real estate because he was always looking for a quick buck and wouldn’t check into things like contamination, liens that couldn’t be extinguished, etc.

During the Conservatorship I am the one who suggested that Don’s kids be allowed to manage their own trust because I didn’t want them saying that I wasn’t giving it as much attention as my own trust. They blew through what was about a million dollars worth of property and then came back wanting more. That was just a lie when Gladys said I took property out of their names and put it into mine. I wouldn’t have done that, and wouldn’t have been able to do that, because all transactions had to be approved by the Co Conservator, Douglas Stalley, everyone’s attorney and the court.

If I were greedy, I would have jumped at Don’s insistence of completely disowning his kids and would have made transfers at that time in 1996. I never intended to take what I felt was their inheritance because it was Don’s stuff when we married and not mine.

Lynda Sanchez proclaims that I would have benefitted the most by Don’s disappearance, but if they and Anne McQueen had been successful in taking over our estate, by appointing Anne conservator and cutting her in, then you know who really had the most to gain. Lynda goes on to say the daughters only got 10% of the estate, but she was a party to all of the accountings that I had to provide monthly to the court, which all had to be verified by the Co Conservator, and reviewed by all of the attorneys involved. She knows that’s not true. All of the attorneys for me, the Co Conservator, the daughters and Anne McQueen were paid from our estate which is why there was hardly anything left by August of 2002. I think I got 300,000 from the life insurance for the cats, and as a result, 2002 was the first year we ever broke even.

When I learned The Secret and read Wallace Wattles book, The Science of Getting Rich, I wanted to share it with everyone because I feel we draw into our lives what we think about. I find it sad that people try to use it to paint me as being greedy or weird. On a side note, I feel like I drew all of these liars back into my life by trying to help the producers create a film that would expose the abuse suffered by big cats and their cubs. By reliving all of these sad years, I drew it all right back to me. Lesson learned. I am not going to focus backward for the benefit of any future producer or reporter. They almost always twist it to fit their own salacious storyline and I think the seven part documentary ended perfectly by saying the cats did not benefit from any of this so far. I do hold out that more people will learn about the abuse and not participate in it, but only time will tell.

I was never referred to as “the prime suspect” by law enforcement. John Marsicano and other detectives have always held that the only people who insinuate that I was involved in Don’s disappearance are those in the animal industry and the others you heard from in this documentary.

Lynda lied when she said I threatened them if they spoke to the media. If I’d ever done anything like that she would have it framed on the wall and be showing it to anyone who would look. I never had the power to take anything away from her and her family as I’d agreed to the Co Conservatorship process where they had an outside, unbiased person involved in every transaction. I’ve never given them any reason to fear. I dealt honestly and more fairly with them than their own father had instructed me to do. I eventually gave them all of the photos I had of their father. Even as recently as a month or so ago, when I found more photos, I offered to mail them the ones I’d found. This was even after knowing all of the hateful and hurtful things they’ve said about me.

This concludes the minute by minute rebuttal of the lies told in the Netflix documentary Tiger King; Murder, Mayhem and Madness. The following is a recap of the Conservatorship docket I found online in January of 2020. It’s a letter to the film makers of this docu-series:

Recap of the Conservatorship Online

Letter to producers, Rebecca Chaiklin and Eric Goode:

When you said your treatment of the accusations against me by Anne and Don’s girls would “leave people scratching their heads” I found that pretty unkind. I assumed that given the level of investigation you have put into finding people that you would take me up on the suggestion that you just look at the public records if you need any assurance that I’ve told you the truth.

Today I figured I’d do some online research and then maybe contact the courthouses to ask them if the records I want to see are available, or if they have to order them from storage. I remembered that Don and Gladys’ divorce was final on May 8, 1990 but Don had said they had gone to another county to do it so no one would be snooping in their business. I never did go looking for it until today and can’t find it in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Polk or Sumpter counties. Since Gladys was accusing him of raping her 15 year old niece, I figured he didn’t want anyone reading about it.

While searching for it, I did find the lawsuit Gladys filed against Don on 4/26/95 trying to get more money. At the time of the divorce Gladys told everyone she just wanted one million dollars and a quick divorce and I assume that’s what she got. Five years later, according to Don, their daughter Donna Pettis who did nails for a living but decided to be a day trader with her mother’s new wealth, had lost it all. Donna and her sister Lynda Sanchez teamed up with their mom to sue Don for more money in case #95-DR-005258.

Don was certain that Anne McQueen and his favorite daughter, Gale Rathbone, would side with him, but they didn’t. When Gale was deposed in September 1996 Don was so mad he told me to dissolve the PRSL Land Trust that I set up for them when he and I married so that his assets owned outside of our union would go to them. I didn’t do it even though he refused to talk to his daughters after that. They never reconciled.

These dates were pulled from my diary entries:

6/12/1997 I get Don to agree to see an Alzheimer’s specialist, (Dr. Gold) but Anne intervenes and sets Don’s appointment with her doctor (Dr. Blasini) instead.

6/16/1997 Don tells Wendell Williams to get all his junk off our property.

6/20/1997 Don has a psychiatric evaluation w/ Dr. Blasini who sends Don to Dr. West upstairs in the same building. He’s not there, so we see a psychiatrist Dr. Russell. I don’t find out until after Don is missing that Dr. Blasini diagnosed Don with Bi-Polar Disorder and sent him to have a MRI at St. Joseph’s. I found the little slip of paper in Don’s bedside table as I was searching for clues as to where he might be.

Don keeps doing weird things, like bringing a homeless man home with him to stay in our house, and he keeps getting lost while dumpster diving. He gets stuck in a dumpster and calls crying because he doesn’t know where he is. He refuses to use restrooms and starts defecating outside. I didn’t log the date, but I rescheduled Don to see Dr. Gold and that appointment was in late August after Don’s disappearance.

8/28/1997 My father sees Anne carrying boxes and boxes of our records from the office to her car and then to her home.

8/29/1997 Anne refuses to allow me in the office. Expecting a fight, I drive home to get my Power of Attorney, so I can take possession of our office and records. Donna Pettis tells me that she, Anne, Lynda Sanchez and Gale Rathbone are all meeting with a probate attorney to have Anne appointed as the Conservator of the estate. I hook a tractor to our east Tampa office trailer and take it to the sanctuary.

8/30/1997 In searching the files in the office I find that Anne has transferred $508,969.71 of our money into her name and $435,273.24 of it has been just in the last year while Don has been spending a lot of time in Costa Rica and I have been busy trying to get the sanctuary paying for itself. The day Don disappeared was the date of the last transfer that I have found and that was for $3431.31 for a tax certificate. If Don wasn’t around, then who okayed this?

Someone pulled the Conservatorship files in November of this year. Was it you? If so, I’m glad you did, but I would have been happy to go with you to help you wade through the grocery basket full of paperwork that was involved in the Conservatorship. Finding this recap in the public record was great because it creates a timeline of events after Don’s disappearance during a time when I was too busy to document much of it.

I went through and highlighted the important parts and then put notes on each to tell you what was happening. Just hover over the highlighted text by the little note icon to see the comment. Most of the filings were attorneys getting paid and real estate transactions and accounting. The brief recap is:

8/18/1997 Don goes missing

8/29/1997 The Conservatorship case begins because Anne tries to get Don’s daughters to have her appointed as the Conservator of the estate.

9/16/1997 All of Don’s children agree to the arrangement that I will be a co-conservator of the estate with an outside person named Doug Stalley. I don’t see a consent from Anne McQueen, but she wasn’t an heir, so maybe her consent didn’t matter.

4/30/1998 I’m trying to compel Anne to turn over $435,273.24 in properties and tax certificates she had put in her maiden name of E.A. Riggs back in May of 1997. She had been my friend for 11 years prior to this and the only name Don and I knew her by was Elizabeth Anne McQueen. That’s followed by five more motions to compel, to find her in contempt and levy sanctions.

8/31/1999 The court makes me the sole conservator of the estate.

12/22/1999 I allow Don’s kids to manage their portion of the estate during the time of the Conservatorship. It’s the PRSL Land Trust.

12/22/2000 The court orders Anne McQueen to turn over the assets to me. I think by this time we found it to be closer to 550k or 600k through discovery, but I can’t be sure.

I didn’t highlight it and make notes, but there was property stolen by Wendall Williams as well that was dealt with favorably to me during the course of the Conservatorship. I can’t imagine anyone using him to try and make a case against me given his criminal history and long list of deceitful real estate transactions.

I’m curious now, so I’m going to keep looking for Don and Gladys’ divorce file. Don always said he gave Gladys a year for her marriage to Norman James Cross to work out before we married, but today I learned that Gladys Lee Lewis married him on 3/2/1991, just 7 months before Don and I married on 10/10/91. Hillsborough County Instrument #: BK428PG348 lists the Gladys / Don divorce as being in Pasco County, but I’ve checked and rechecked and can’t find it there.

This just seems so obvious to me that the people who have made such cruel accusations against me are just doing it out of greed.

As a weird aside: Mar. 26, 2012 Brandi Paine views the files. She is the judicial assistant for family law judge Jennifer X. Gabbard. There was also a Brandi Paine in OKC in Jan 2019 arrested for ID theft. Maybe a coincidence.

For the cats, Carole Baskin, CEO of Big Cat Rescue

Carole Baskin, CEO of Big Cat Rescue