New film features beautiful footage of cougar (no killing!)

Even though this is entitled "The Bear," this clip from the film
centers on the cougar. Of course, all I am thinking about as I watch
this is how did they film this and where did these animals come from?
It has been hailed as a wonderful film by animal rights groups. I'll
have to do some digging, I guess.

Watch this clip here:

THE BEAR – Film by Jean-Jacques Annaud

Film Review: Storytelling doesn't get much purer than this–a film
with virtually no dialogue and not a minute that isn't fascinating,
either for the plot it pursues or the way director Jean-Jacques Annaud
gets his ursine stars to do what he wants. The story deals with a
young cub who, after his mother is killed in a landslide, bonds to a
lumbering male Kodiak. The two of them then must cope with an invasion
of hunters into their territory–and Annaud makes it clear whose side
he's on. Aside from stunning scenery, the film offers startlingly
close-up looks at bear behavior. They say the best actors are the ones
that let you see what they're thinking, a trick Annaud manages with
his big, furry stars. –Marshall Fine

The Bear has all the marks of a classic. Lauded by animal rights
groups for its respect for the integrity of all species, it manages to
speak out eloquently against the senseless hunting of wildlife without
having to depict killing to make its point. Instead, it emphasizes the
ties that bind the human and animal worlds together. –Frederic and
Mary Ann Brussat



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