NEWS PHOTOS Rare Sighting of Bobcat Duo on Frozen Pond Oklahoma City


OKLAHOMA CITY — The Auburn Meadows Addition near Northwest 178th and Penn in Oklahoma City is not exactly the hotbed you might expect for an elusive, bobbed-tail predator.

However, about 9 a.m., the Urbach family spotted some movement in their backyard.

Amy Urbach says, “My husband just happened to look out the window and caught a glimpse of what he thought was a large cat.”

In fact, it was two large cats, bobcats.

The pair was likely on the hunt for breakfast.

They snapped some images that are breath-taking.

“It never ceases to amaze me what we find,” Urbach said.

Mike O’Neilia at the state Wildlife Department says the Oklahoma bobcat population is on the rise.

Sightings are still relatively rare.

There are plenty of cats roaming our wooded areas, but bobcats are typically secretive, solitary hunters.

O’Neilia says, “I tell people the same thing when it comes to viewing or enjoying wildlife of any species, particularly a predator like a bobcat, is enjoy them but enjoy them at a distance.”

Urbach is looking forward to many more bobcat sightings, “I did see one late in the evening on the pond, and my daughter spotted one yesterday. So I suspect we’ll see them again.”

Wildlife experts tell us it is rare to see two bobcats together because they typically travel and hunt alone.

Breeding season for the cats begins in late February and runs through April.

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