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About Big Cat Rescue

This page will take you to pages that talk about how we started, how our thinking evolved, our credentials, our staff and volunteers and our goals:


Why Big Cats Need Sanctuaries

Most people think that it is because of the exotic pet trade that most big cats end up in need of sanctuary, but that’s only partially correct.  The main reason there are thousands of lions and tigers languishing in backyard cages and roadside tourist traps is because the public will pay to pet a cub, or will pay to see a cub.  As long as people will pay to pet or see cubs, exploiters will breed them for that purpose and then discard them to any place that will take them after they are no longer profitable.  More about that here:


Photos of Exotic Cats at Big Cat Rescue


BobcatLittleFeather2013 CaracalRose2013 CougarCody2013 CougarCubs2013 JungleCatRambo2013 LeopardArmani2013 LeopardCheetaro2013 LeopardJumanji2013 LeopardSimba2013 LionCameron2013 LionJoseph2013 LionJosephPresents2013 OcelotAmazingGrace2013 OcelotNirvana2013 SandCatCanyon2013 SiberianLynxKatmandu2013 TigerArthur2013 TigerShereKhan2013 TigerTJ2013 VetCougarInterns VetLeopard VetsTiger VetsTigerIntubation WhiteTigerZabuGallops2013

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