Night Tour

The night tour is only offered quarterly and sells out quickly.

Scroll thru the months below to find the next one.

Please enter any coupon, voucher or discount code at time of purchase. You will be required to show the physical coupon, voucher or proof of AAA or proof of Military / First Responder employment proof at check in, or stand in line to pay the additional sums, if you do not bring in your physical form of proof for your discount.

An hour walking tour after dark, come experience the big cats at night!

Wild Eyes At NightImagine…It’s the night of a full moon and you are groping through the underbrush in the wilds of a Florida forest when you hear the roar of lions and tigers so close you can almost feel their hot breath!

Armed with only a flashlight you continue on at the urging of your guide and notice that you are the main attraction to all the wild animals living on Easy Street.  You see hundreds of glowing eyes, all focused on you and as you pass the enclosures you hear the rushing of the great cats as they make a pounce for you in the dark.

You’ll hear the roaring of tigers, the screaming of cougars and the caterwauling of bobcats, lynx and more as you try to get back to the safety of your car.  It’s an adrenaline rush to turn the tables and become the hunted rather than the hunter.  It’s an experience you will remember and talk about for years to come.  It’s what we call the Wild Eyes At Night Tour!

The tour will begin after dark, which changes each month so note the time on the calendar for the date you select. Even those of us who live here still feel the tingle up our spine when we walk through the park after dark.

It’s all grrreat fun for you and helps us save big cat lives!

Be sure to read the following before booking your tour:

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Directions to Big Cat Rescue

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This one of a kind tour is only offered quarterly at dark

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  • Helen Lee

    Wow! The big cats looks active at night! I thought they slept at night like us XD Guess I was wrong.

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