No Relief from Gin traps for SA wildlife

Nature with the Predator Management arm of the farming industry. The draft was criticised as:-


1. Reintroducing the hunt clubs

2. Offending both the Constitution and national conservation legislation

3. Prolonging a policy – indeed a culture – of lethal methods of problem animal control which had been used for 350 years and been proved to be both cruel, destructive of biodiversity – and ineffective.


Non-lethal alternatives.


What alternatives to killing were put up for debate; why the farmers rejected them; and whether those reasons are convincing.


1. Herders. One suggestion was that farmers employ herders. The farmers declined this option citing South Africa’s rigid and onerous labor laws as a disincentive to employ herders. Hey, farmers have been killing predators in SA for 350 years, even when labour was cheap and farmers could hire and fire at will. Only recently have new labour laws been imposed on farmers, and whilst inconvenient to employers everywhere, raising this objection now to justify destruction of biodiversity by farmers looks to me like an excuse rather than a real reason.

 2. Kraaling at night. We proposed that farmers kraal their livestock at night, instead of leaving them alone out in the veld at the mercy of

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