Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm To Get Tigers

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Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm To Get Tigers

By Samantha Cordrey

Wraxall, UK – The owners of Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm will be investing during the recession with a £200,000 Tiger enclosure. After a two year negotiation with North Somerset Council the new Tiger enclosure has now been considered and accepted by the council.

Bengal Tigers, which are planned to arrive for the summer of 2009, will be housed in a modern enclosure using innovative designs to allow visitors to be almost in arms reach of the magnificent creatures. The Tiger enclosure will be behind a 5 meter high fence with a pond in each spacious enclosure which will together total 4,200sq m. There will be basking platforms to allow the cats to enjoy the sun with eye level platforms for visitors. This will allow visitors to get up-close to the big cats whilst remaining at a safe distance.

To ensure the zoos policy of minimal animal stress is continued, several tunnels will be created as part of 5 open den plans which will ensure minimum stress for examination and treatment of the Tigers.

The enclosure will be sustainably led with harvested rain water used for the tiger ponds. The fresh rain water will be processed down through a system of tanks that will filter and clean the water and pump it to and from the Tiger ponds and finally into a reed bed. By continuously recycling the tiger pond water and not putting it straight back into the drainage system allows the zoo to be more eco-friendly and contribute towards sustainable conservation.

Head Keeper, Chris Wilkinson, tells us more “Tigers are highly endangered in the wild so it is therefore essential that breeding in captivity continues wherever possible. Tigers are very good climbers and swimmers. This adaptability saves them from natural disasters and floods. However, when it comes to fighting against their biggest mortal enemy, the human, Tigers fall short of a weapon in their arsenal. We hope to breed our Bengal Tigers in the near future as their long term future in the wild is severely limited”.

The one acre enclosure will be one of the largest of several planned new developments at Noah’s Ark as part of the five year expansion plan. Future animals planned to arrive include elephants and bears, along with a new café, improved facilities for disabled visitors and a conservation building for teaching schools about local and global nature and wildlife.

The Zoo is set over 300 acres of beautiful, Somerset countryside. Therefore, Noah’s Ark is not restricted by space which will ensure there will be sufficient room for the new cats whilst making sure visitors still receive an up-close and personal experience with the new arrivals.

The Bengal Tigers will be amongst hundreds of fascinating and exciting animals at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm open Monday – Saturday 10.30 – 5.00pm.

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, Failand Road, Wraxall, Bristol, BS48 1PG

Notes to editors:

1. Tigers are an endangered species. Wild tigers in Asia, their natural habitat, may soon disappear.
2. Most tigers have more than 100 stripes, and no two tigers have identical stripes
3. Wild tigers can eat over 60 pounds of meat at one sitting. Despite the tigers great power and accurate senses, it has to dedicate a lot of time to hunting, as only about one in ten hunting forays are successful. It mainly preys on deer or wild pig, but will also eat fish…if it can catch them.
4. Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm attracts over 100,000 visitors each year and can be found just 6 miles out from Bristol, towards Clevedon. Started in 1998, animals include Giraffe, Rhinos, emus, wallabies, camels and 80 other types. Longest hedge maze in the world. Huge indoor and outdoor adventure playgrounds. For more details see our website:

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