Nov 15 2016

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Big Cat Health Updates

Mrs Claws was spayed yesterday and will be recovering in the cat hospital for 10 days.

Zimba Serval has gone back out, however he is closed in the concrete den side for a few days to acclimate him again with Zouletta Serval.

Cameron Lion: Notes: was too preoccupied w/Keisha to eat breakfast. Eventually came to lock out but only ate 2 chicken drums.  Reported By: Sharon H.

The Kitten Cabana in 360 Virtual Reality Video

Need a HUGE Smile Today?

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Wildlife Legal Expert Needed by NWC


The National Whistleblower Center (NWC) and The National Whistleblowers Legal Defense and Education Fund (NWLDEF) are searching for a wildlife legal expert who has experience working with laws such as the Lacey Act and Endangered Species Act, and others that concern poaching and trafficking, illegal logging, illegal fishing and violations of the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships (APPS). The attorney will be expected to handle his/her own caseload and assist other attorneys nation-wide who partake in the NWC’s Wildlife Crime Attorney Referral Service (WCARS).

The successful candidate will have a passion for the environment, a minimum of two years of legal experience related to wildlife matters, and the following skills and abilities: strong legal analysis and research, attention to detail, and superior written and oral communication ability.

This position is for a one-year term.

Compensation: $45-$65K.

About the NWC: The National Whistleblower Center is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization that advocates for the protection of the environment and civil rights by protecting the rights of whistleblowers to disclose violations of environmental and nuclear safety laws and official misconduct. Established in 1988, the Center has been involved in successfully establishing many of the most important precedents protecting whistleblowers throughout the United States and has revolutionized the protection afforded employees who have exposed environmental and nuclear safety violations as well as government fraud, waste and abuse.

Read more about Wildlife Whistleblowers:

Application Process: Please submit a cover letter, resume, brief writing sample, and 3 references to Ashley Binetti, Chief Operating Officer, National Whistleblower Center, at

Watch Lion Ark

This week Lion Ark will continue down the East coast and then to the West coast next week!  Each screening will be followed by a short film about the Peru and Colombia rescue – see Cholita the bear, Hoover the tiger, spider monkey Pepe and the lions on the big screen, a real treat!  Then Tim Phillips and I will host a Q&A, with the inside story on frontline rescues.

lion ark movie

Nov. 14, 7pm:       Jersey City, NJ- Book now
Nov. 15, 7pm:       Chicago, IL - Book now
Nov. 16:                   Washington DC email for details
Nov. 17, 7pm:       Tampa, FL – Book now
Nov. 20, 1pm:       Oakland, CA – Book now
Nov. 21, 7pm:       Portland, OR – Book now
Nov. 22, 7pm:       Seattle, WA – Book now

Screenings in Atlanta, GA and Durham, NC scheduled for January 2017. Keep updated:



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