Nov 18 2016

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Keeper Notes

All of the new tigers are settling in comfortably, except Priya who we fear may be suffering from a pyrometra.  She will be seen by the vets tonight.

Zeus Tiger is back out in his enclosure and doing fine after his appointment with the vets last night.

Zeus going home 2016 11 18


Big Cat Rescue in the News

Thank you CBS Channel 10 for this in depth look at the exotic pet industry and for letting viewers know they can end the abuse by supporting the  The only part they got wrong was saying that government inspectors make sure the animals are treated right and that just doesn't happen.


Tiger News Featuring Big Cat Rescuers


Dutchess Tiger on Vacation

Nikita Lions stars in Eat or Be Eaten

Thank you Susann Mesna for these video clips from the LIVE web cams.


ADI Visits Hoover

Howard and I had a nice long walk and chat with Jan, Tim & Co., from Animal Defenders International.

Naturally, everyone is worried about the political climate for animals under the new regime, but I pointed out that the best bill ever to pass for big cats was the Captive Wildlife Safety Act which passed unanimously in 2003.  That happened during the political landscape of a Republican President (George W. Bush, Jr.) signing the bill that was passed by the Senate and House of Representatives that were both under Republican majority rule.  We can get this done this coming year and end the trade in big cats, by closing the loophole from the Captive Wildlife Safety Act, which was an exemption for USDA licensees.  That is essentially the scope of the Big Cat Public Safety Act and you can help at by signing your name to a letter.

Hoover graced his rescuers by lifting his head for a couple of photos, curling a paw under his chin and then falling back asleep.  Too bad they missed seeing Hoover do what he does best:

Gifts for Cat Lovers

sale gifts for cat lovers 2016

Find great gifts for all your cat loving friends and family and have the added satisfaction of knowing that your purchase helps us care for lions, tigers and other big cats this holiday season.


Being Open and Honest

jaguar on log by waterYou won't find any animal rescue group who is more open and honest with you about every facet of our work, but sometimes there are things we just can't tell you...yet.  Please understand that if we don't always share every bit of information we have on a cat, or a situation, it isn't that we are trying to hide anything from our supporters.  We are often called into situations where we have to stay quiet because there are pending investigations or lawsuits against the bad guys who use cubs as photo props, and we can't give away details that might cause them to be more sneaky, or give them fodder for their lies.

The kind of people who abuse big cats and their cubs are the best kind of con artist.  They will take some kernel of truth and then make the biggest lie of it, because that's how lying is done most effectively.

These updates are posted for you daily (or close to it) to keep you informed and as soon as details can be released to you, on topics that we appear to be ignoring, or vague on, we will let you know.



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