Nov 19 2016

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Big Cat Health Updates

hydrometra uterine dropsy tiger priya 2016
20 pound hydrometra removed from Priya Tigress

Yesterday, Priya Tiger, one of the rescue’s from two days ago, was sedated and examined due to her extended belly, inappetence, crankiness and inability to lay comfortably on her side without a back leg sticking strait out in the air.

The vets did X-rays and then exploratory surgery and said it was a hydrometra.  Here’s what I could find in laymen’s terms to describe what that is:

Uterine Dropsy (Hydrometra)

This is an accumulation of fluid in the womb, caused by inflammation and constitutional debility. During the first months the symptoms resemble those of pregnancy; but by touching the neck of the womb, and pressing the tumor, fluctuation of fluids is felt. The menses are usually suppressed, and general debility will appear, if the disease continues. The patient may die from exhaustion, or the walls of the womb may be ruptured from the pressure of the fluid, causing fatal peritonitis.

Priya was fortunate to be one of the early cats to be moved out of Serenity Springs to a facility that was capable of discerning her distress and acting quickly.  You can all be proud to have been part of the team who saved her life.

Zeus Tiger is back out in his enclosure and doing fine.

Zouletta Serval isn’t eating well, so Keepers are offering her food several times a day.

TJ and Hoover aren’t wanting to eat today, but it could be from all of the excitement of Priya Tigress in the vicinity.

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Sundari Leopard’s 20th Birthday Celebration

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You can VOTE DAILY until December 7 for Big Cat Rescue in 2 categories: Be More Humble and Be More Relevant. SCROLL WAY DOWN at EACH link below and check the round bubble next to Big Cat Rescue’s name. THEN SCROLL all the way to the end of that list to click the VOTE button. (Big Cat Rescue) (Big Cat Rescue: Update Mickey Cougar)

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Video captured by Susann Mesna from LIVE web cam.


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