Nov 2 2016

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Big Cat Updates

Lots of big cats got pumpkins yesterday, including Joseph Lion; Cougars - Ares, Orion, Artemis, Reisa, Josie, & Sassy; Leopards - Jinx, Sundari, Cheetaro; Tigers - Zeus, Keisha, Sapphire, Dutchess, Jasmine, TJ, & Hoover.

Pharaoh - The small mass removed from his chin was a benign mass, not cancerous. It could grow back or he could get other growths elsewhere. They are not harmful and removal is only cosmetic, so future masses will not be removed unless they bother him.

Zimba - The sample of tissue sent from in between his toes was inflammation. It is not a tumor and should resolve with medications and time.


I had no idea it would be this big!

Thank you Susann Mesna for capturing this from our LIVE Kitten Cabana WebCam

There are TWELVE cute little kittens in there right now, so you might want to set one window open to all the fun.


Nice Note from Conservation Donation Recipient

It is so rare that anyone ever thanks us, so this was particularly nice to get:

Dear Big Cat Rescue,

I am the lead biologist working on lynx at our organization, and I wanted to thank you personally for your donation to Rocky Mountain Wild. It means so much to us that you found our organization and made us one of the beneficiaries of your Walkabout event. As a small organization, every donation makes a huge difference, especially very generous ones like yours. Thank you!

As you may have gleaned from our website, we work on a wide variety of issues affecting lynx. A few highlights from our work include trying to get an overpass built to ensure safer passage for lynx and other wildlife across Interstate 70 in their high country habitat on Vail Pass and fighting a large development on Wolf Creek Pass, right in the middle of one of the most important movement corridors for the cats in Colorado.

A couple of recent wins for us (and for lynx) include two successful lawsuits, one that will require the USFWS to develop a recovery plan for lynx across the US and one that will require the USFWS to reconsider designating critical habitat for the cats here in Colorado. Over the coming year, we will continue our efforts on Wolf Creek Pass, work to prioritize other important areas that may be in need of mitigation for safe passage of lynx across roadways, and do all that we can to ensure that habitat in Colorado is included in the critical habitat designation.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a couple of photos of lynx we have "captured" while conducting a wildlife monitoring project on Vail Pass in support of the proposed overpass.

canada lynx project 2016

Please let me know if you have any further questions about the organization and the work that we do. Thank you again for your very generous donation and for the wonderful work you do.

Sincerely,  Paige Singer
Conservation Biologist/GIS Specialist
Rocky Mountain Wild

Another Nice Thank You from the Ewaso Lion Protection Project

Hi Big Cat Rescue,

A huge thanks for the support you guys gave us – we were so surprised and it was amazing:)
I am just learning about Big Cat Rescue now and am so grateful for what you do -it really is incredible. I’d love to learn more.

Thank you again, Best wishes,  Shivani

lion project 2016

Facebook LIVE Contest Winner

The was Facebook LIVE Contest Winner yesterday Melissa Massey.  She beat out the competition by a mere one second!


Buy This Shirt to Help Us Rescue 4 Tigers

Four new tigers will be arriving this month, but it's a long, expensive trip and we are having to make a LOT of cage modifications to accommodate them.  You can help with the purchase of this shirt or by donating here.

sale-jersey-all i care about rescueing tigers

Graphic design of tiger features the wording; All I care about is rescuing tigers, like maybe 3 people, and beer. A stylish spin on the classic baseball raglan. The combed cotton blend makes it super soft, comfortable, and lightweight. ¾ Sleeve, poly-cotton blend (50% polyester, 50% combed cotton), ribbed neckband, made in the USA, sweatshop free.

Hoover Tiger Swimming in Slo Mo

Thanks EAV

Help wildlife cross dangerous roadways

Dear Friend of Wildlife,

Five mountain lion kittens were born this summer in the mountains outside Los Angeles.

It’s hard to imagine young mountain lions like these crossing ten dangerous lanes of traffic to find food, a mate or their own range.

There’s a better way. You can support our work to help make safe wildlife crossings a reality and protect imperiled wildlife across America. This population of mountain lions living in the Santa Monica Mountains doesn’t have it easy—many have perished on highways, struck dead by vehicles. Others have died from inbreeding and killing one another over severely limited territory.

Without conservation action, reports show that they’ll die out from the Santa Monica Mountains within a few short decades.

Don’t let the miracle of these mountain lion kittens turn into tragedy.

Please support our staff who are working on a campaign to build a wildlife crossing at Liberty Canyon—the largest wildlife bridge in North America, and potentially, the world.

Thanks to previous support from friends of wildlife like you, we have been able to work locally and have gained tremendous municipal and partner support for the proposed Liberty Canyon wildlife crossing.

The structure, when built, could give these new mountain lion kittens a chance for a healthy future and will save the lives of countless other species of wildlife isolated by the maze of Southern California freeways.

Your gift can help our staff move this life-saving wildlife crossing closer to reality. Make a gift today and we’ll put it to use defending cherished wildlife like mountain lions.


Watch our big cats LIVE on our many webcams at  See our Vacation Rotation enclosure there for cats on “vacation”.

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