Nov 22 2016

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Big Cat Health Report

Priya Tigress is oozing from her stitches because she won't lay still.  We locked her in the transport wagon last night to minimize her movements and that helped.  She ate and took her meds last night and this morning.  You can watch her on the Nest cam here:

Interesting info on the type of roundworm found in Seth's poop.  It appears to be the result of filthy conditions.  We've never seen this parasite before now.  The Colorado cats will all be treated for this and will have to have successive clean stool checks before they can go out on "vacation".

Senility can be a good thing.  Some of our cats have always been shy but we are finding that as they age they forget to be fearful.  Tiger Lilly Bobcat, Little Dove Bobcat and Artemis Cougar have always slunk away at the sight of people approaching, but now they come right up to anyone who approaches.  Do you find that your pet cats are more people friendly as they get into their teens and twenties?


Foster Kitten Clapping Toy


How's that for your daily dose of cute?  Thank you Susann Mesna for capturing this precious moment.


Vets Find Something Shocking During Exploratory Surgery on Tigress

WARNING! Graphic veterinary images. Priya Tiger Hydrometra Removal via Explore WebCam



Ohio Cats Aren't Going Anywhere


Many of you have been concerned about the nonsense posted on social sites by the ill informed (and ill mannered) Kenny Hetrick fan club. A county judge can't force the hand of a state agency. It's been tried and failed in Ohio already. The Ohio Dept. of Ag is taking it to the Supreme Court, who has already ruled in their favor on another person, we consider to be an animal abuser, who got her county judge to make a similar, unenforceable order.  See the previous Supreme Court decision:


The boys at Tiger lake

Video of TJ splashing and Hoover wondering what’s happening recorded: August 6. 2016 by Susann Mesna

Vote for Big Cats!

Please remind your friends to SCROLL WAY DOWN the page on EACH link below to check the round bubble next to Big Cat Rescue's name. THEN keeping SCROLLING WAY on DOWN the page to find the VOTE button and click it to complete their vote.

vote hoover tiger (Big Cat Rescue) (Big Cat Rescue: Update Mickey Cougar)

Video of HRL with a fanfare, a normal thing when royalty enters the room.  recorded: June 16. 2016  Credit: HRL – she’s royalty!  by Susann Mesna


Silver State comes in last place on exotic pet ownership

Wayne Pacelle"Earlier this month, a woman on the run from authorities in Texas fled to Nevada with her collection of tigers, monkeys, a fox, and a skunk — and her 14-year-old daughter who was living under the same roof as the wild animals.

A California couple, whose escaped pet tiger prowled neighborhoods for weeks before finally being shot and killed by authorities, quickly moved with the rest of their big cats to the Silver State, where they were found living in filthy conditions.

State and local Nevada agencies investigated and confiscated the animals from the former Texas and California residents. "

Check out Wayne Pacelle's blog and note his conclusion is that the answer is a federal bill to end the trade in big cats.  "The federal government should also act to protect animal welfare and public safety – and to promote the conservation of endangered species – by enacting the Big Cat Public Safety Act that would prohibit unqualified individuals from possessing and breeding big cats, bolster weak state laws, and fill any gaps in state oversight."

Unfortunately, even though we offered to take the lynx and leopard from the Nevada seizure, we've been told the county had already sent them to a place that we think is just as bad.

'Tis the Party Season

Roar Reserve Wine

Roar Reserve Wine

Be the coolest guest on the A list when you bring a bottle of Big Cat Rescue labeled wine.  Get yours here:

Facebook Live Winner

Dominic Mayo was first to give me Nikita Lion's complete date of birth.
Catherine Tomins won a few days ago, but asked that we give Cheetaro Leopard a turkey, instead of sending her a calendar or tee, so we were happy to oblige.


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