Nov 23 2016

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Keeper's Log

Mrs Claws the Bobcat was released by the vet to go outside.  She was put in the Cat-a-Tat next to Ariel Bobcat and Nabisco Bobcat.  She has a protected screen between her and Nabisco, so they can get to know each other and hopefully we will be able to open up the tunnel and let them play soon.  Ariel says she wants no part of either one of those rowdy kids, so we are looking for a better spot on the sanctuary grounds for her.

Priya Update: She ate her meds and little bit of food this morning. She spent the night in the the tiger transport inside the Windsong Memorial Hospital. Sorry about the lack of cameras for you guys but the people who have been supporting some of the hoarders we have taken cats from have been attacking our vets and they just didn't want them to twist what's happening w/ Priya. Sharing everything that happens with you also means the bad guys have access and they are constantly filing false complaints. It's really a shame that the evil people of this world can keep us from being completely transparent, but we will continue to bring you behind the scenes as much as we can.

Spirit Feather Update:  We have been searching for months for a release site in her county (Lake Co., FL) and are continuing to search because she's ready to go back to the wild.  The problem is in finding property that is big enough (40 ac next to a state park or much more protected land) to support her that isn't used for hunting bobcats.  If you own such a spot in Lake County please let us know.

Spirit Feather's Story

Just as soon as one bobcat is released back into the wild it seems another is right there to take their place.  At 12:30 in the morning on July 21st Big Cat Rescuers received a call from a clinic, in a small town outside of Orlando, where an orphaned bobcat kitten had been surrendered. The kitten had been found alone in the middle of the road.  Rescuers arrived on the scene and transferred her from a small cardboard box into a more comfortable travel crate.
This tiny kitten was fully feral and had the spunk and spirit of full grown wild bobcat.  Her arrival came at a time when we were mourning the loss of our beloved Little Feather and so she was named Spirit Feather in honor of both her fiery attitude and our recently passed friend.  Weighing in at just two pounds we estimated Spirit Feather to be approximately two months old.

She was not injured in any way, however, she suffered a heavy infestation of fleas and hookworms for which she was treated.  She also had a small crusted spot on her back which tested positive for ringworm.  Because ringworm is highly contagious Spirit Feather must remain in the cat hospital under quarantine until she has completed her course of medication to treat the infection.

Spirit Feather has been doing very well.  She is eating whole prey foods, she is very playful and energetic, and she has maintained her wild and untrusting nature.  By the time you have received this issue of the Big Cat Times she will have been moved to the outdoor rehab enclosure equipped with a live streaming webcam viewable at

The Rescue Of 5 New Tigers

We took in 5 new tigers from a failed pseudo sanctuary called Serenity Springs. This makes a part of the biggest big cat rescue in the history of the United States.

vote sassy cougar

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THANK YOU for VOTING DAILY until December 7 for Big Cat Rescue in 2 categories: Be More Humble and Be More Relevant.

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Big Cats DON'T Make Good Pets

Video of Keisha going after a keeper in the FS by Susann Mesna


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