Nov 25 2016

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Big Cat Health Updates

Priya Tiger is eating and taking her meds.  She's being good about exiting the transport wagon so we can clean it and then hopping back in when we are done.

Chief Spotted Eye is resting.  He's not eating yet and he's still breathing hard when he exerts himself, but aside from that he's doing his job of healing from within.



Jamie's note:  Chief is till hanging in there. He ate 4 small pieces of meat this morning and his breathing seems to be improving. He is also more alert and not shy about voicing his opinion. If he continues to improve and his breathing becomes more stable he will have surgery in a few days.  This will run about $2,000

Keisha Tiger.  Vet Issue: mass  Notes: small lump, approx golf ball size, on middle of right side of abdomen, Afton took a picture and sent it to the vet group.  Reported By: Jocelin/Barbie

keisha tiger lump

Nirvana Ocelot is doing great and was put back outside.


Turkeys For The Big Cats!

In celebration of Thanksgiving, the big cats and little cats enjoyed their turkeys and Cornish hens for their Thanksgiving breakfast.


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Global Big Cat News

The lion was tethered to a wooden shack with a 3-foot metal chain. Not only did the chain prevent the lion from moving around, it also rubbed against the lion's neck, causing his mane to disappear. He was so emaciated, you could count the bones in his ribcage.

starving lion born free



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