Nov 29 2016

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Big Cat Health Updates

Priya Tigress is doing well.  She's gotten more and more frustrated with being locked in the transport to keep her still, so she's been given access to a small portion of the recovery cage to give her a little more space, but not enough to cause damage to her stitches.

Chief Spotted Eye's surgery has been moved back to Wednesday afternoon, but he's eating on his own and starting to really make a mess of things, so he's feeling better.


Today is Giving Tuesday!

Seth-tigerCan Big Cat Rescue’s 12 New Exotic Cats Count on YOU today on #GivingTuesday ?

Big Cat Rescue is excited to again be participating in #GivingTuesday – TODAY, Tuesday November 29!!

The timing could not be better this year as we have just rescued 12 exotic cats (5 tigers, 5 bobcats and 2 cougars) and really need your financial support to care for them.

It is Big Cat Rescue’s goal is to raise $58,000 during the 24 hours of #GivingTuesday. These much-needed funds will feed all 12 of our new mouths for an entire year! It is only because of the financial support we receive from generous donors like you that we can continue to say YES when exotic cats need to be rescued.

Not familiar with #GivingTuesday? It’s the Tuesday following Black Friday and Cyber Monday each year and is designed to be a 24-hour global online giving event to kick off the season of giving by encouraging people to donate to their favorite non-profits.

Our 12 new cats were rescued from three different situations. In October, we took in bobcats Dryden, Kewlona, Nabisco (a young kitten who survived a forest fire) and Smalls along with elderly cougars Josie and Sassy. They came from a troubled sanctuary in South Dakota that lost its USDA license. And less than two weeks ago we rescued five tigers – Andy, Charaka, Gabrielle, Priya (who needed emergency surgery to remove her infected uterus, which saved her life) and Seth – from a failed sanctuary in Colorado. Then on Thanksgiving we rescued Chief Spotted Eye, a native Florida bobcat who had been hit by a car and badly injured. They are all sweethearts and everyone here is already in love!

Can our new tigers, cougars and bobcats count on your financial support this #GivingTuesday?

Contributions may be made via credit card, debit card or PayPal. The minimum donation is $5.

THANK YOU for your support of our sanctuary and our cats on #GivingTuesday and throughout the holidays! From everyone at Big Cat Rescue, we wish you and your family a purr-fect season filled with peace, joy, love and kindness.

PLEASE PASS this post along to your friends and family by adding it to you Facebook wall. THANK YOU for helping us help the cats.

2016 rescues collage

Help Big Cat Rescue Win First Place!



Nikita Lion and her Vulture Visitor

Great! Now what? Niki on November 28  By Ruxandra


Global Big Cat News Today

Today's News: How the rest of the world perceives America's cruel roadside zoos and pay to play petting / swimming schemes:

Note that Florida is listed as the worst state for such abysmal "attractions."  Big Cat Rescue is named in this article as one of the leading advocates against such cruelty. 


NatGeo:  Even When A Leopard Cub Dies, These Filmmakers Don’t Turn The Cameras Off.




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