Nov 3 2016

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Big Cat Updates

Zimba Serval has a scratch on his leg, so the vet is coming tonight to look at it.  We haven't seen any fighting with Zouletta, but if she's responsible, it's a good example of why we rarely have cats living together.  Meanwhile, he's in the West Boensch Recovery Hospital.  Since Dr. Justin has to come out anyway he may X-ray Nala Serval's leg and clear her to return to an outdoor cage.  We are preparing that for her now.

Joseph Lion JokerJoseph Lion refused to leave Vacation Rotation today, so we have the tunnel up and ringed shut, so he can do so at his leisure.  Lions!

We agreed to take in two more tigers, so six new tigers should be arriving soon.

Anasazi Bobcat was supposed to go on vacation in the FunCation today, but she was leery of the lockout, so we will try tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Thuston and Lovey enjoyed their week long vacay in that 22,000 sf space and are back home.  One of their dens sprung a leak, so Chuck is re doing the concrete in there today.  They have three full size cages that are joined by tunnels, so they are shut out of that area.

cougars orionAres, Orion and Artemis the cougars moved across the street to their new permanent home.  We thought it would take all day, because Artemis can be such a spook, but she did great and the boys are always up for a new adventure.  The great part about their move is that they can now go out to the 2.5 acre Vacation Rotation enclosure.  The area they are vacating will be renovated for the new tigers.

Mac Cougar does not have access to his lockout as we are setting up a transport to try and catch him to move him over by all of the other cougars.


Human Attacks by Large Felid Carnivores in Captivity and in the Wild

By:  Suzanne M. Shepherd, MD, DTM&H; Angela Mills, MD; William H. Shoff, MD, DTM&H

Whereas those who live in the native ranges of the large feline carnivores are well aware of the risks of cat and human encounters, North Americans and Europeans are increasingly exposed to exotic animals through travel, ecotourism, leisure pursuits in rural areas, occupational exposure, zoo and animal park visits, wild habitat encroachment at the urban-wildlands interface, and contact with exotic pets. In encounters during which persons have been severely injured, lapses in animal management protocols, lack of appropriate adult supervision, and intoxication have been reported.

Unlike common domestic pets that have lived in close association with humans for thousands of years, no matter where individual large felines may have been raised, they remain wild carnivores with strong prey-drive and territorial instincts. The emergency management of large felid attacks is similar to that of other major trauma: stabilization; management of significant orthopedic, neurologic, vascular, and soft tissue injuries; antibiotic coverage provided for the number of organisms that inhabit their mouths and the potential for tetanus and rabies; and early management in survivors of likely posttraumatic stress disorder.

We must actively explore responsible measures globally that can be taken to ensure biologically appropriate, ethical, safe, and sustainable conservation of these large carnivores in both their natural habitats and captivity.  Read more:



Visitor Review Yesterday

Dear Carole and everyone at BCR,

I visited the sanctuary for the first time last Friday. After learning about you and getting to know the cats through social media platforms, emails and videos, and having sent donations for the past few years, I was so excited to finally be able to visit in person. I was not disappointed – the grounds are lovely and our guide was friendly and informative. It was fun to see the cats (I feel like I know them so well – Cameron, Nikita, Kali, Zeus, Keisha, Sundari, Cheetaro, Joseph – it was, in a kind of weird way, like seeing old friends) and learn more about their stories and rescues. I brought a friend who now lives in Florida – she was also excited to learn about your valuable mission and advocacy on behalf of these beautiful animals. Both of us made the Call of the Wild that afternoon – to our legislators in Illinois and Florida, respectively. I was proud to be able to introduce her to your cause and I know she will be back to visit you all again.

I wanted to let you know of some of the interactions I had with people as I departed on Monday (for much chillier climes in Chicago) – I was wearing a Big Cat Rescue shirt for my trip home and it was noticed in a few places.

sale tee wildcat walkabout

The hotel shuttle driver asked me eagerly if I had been to visit BCR – he said he lives nearby and had always meant to go. I encouraged him to do so. He was knowledgeable about the sanctuary and some of the recent additions. Later, I overheard him telling someone else about BCR. Then, in the airport, a friendly TSA agent (!) also noticed my shirt and asked me if I’d heard Joseph roar while I was there. I had to admit that sadly, he was asleep when I was there. She told me how thrilled she was to have heard him, and she recounted her experience happily. I am telling you all of this to say that the people of Tampa are clearly proud of you and the work that you do.

Thank you so much for all that you do – your work and your advocacy are so very important. I loved the time that I had at the sanctuary last week, and I hope to be able to visit again. In the meantime, I will continue to be a tiger for your tigers, lions, bobcats, leopards, lynxes, servals and all of the rest.

With very best wishes to you and the cats,  KC


Facebook LIVE Winners

The Facebook LIVE Winner yesterday was Angie Leupold who answered correctly, and first, according to Facebook's time stamp, that Zimba Serval's issue was with his foot.

The Facebook LIVE Winner today was LeighAnn Menard Vallot.  She won on Oct 3 too, but you can win every 30 days.  She answered correctly with the cougar "cubs" date of birth being 10/1/2005.



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