Nov 30 2016

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Keeper's Log


Chief Spotted Eye did great through his surgery and was in the recovery cage to wake up when he began to crash. Despite heroic efforts to revive him he died. Our team is heartbroken that they could not save him and return him to his rightful place in the wild.  Their night isn't over though, as Hoover Tiger needs X-rays, a Sonogram and to be neutered tonight. I know it is going to be hard for them to stay upbeat after the tragedy they all just suffered.

Priya Tigress continues to heal nicely.  We have to keep her off the dirt until her belly stitches fully heal, but she's got a fan and room service at her beck and call.

Joseph, Cameron, TJ and Hoover have been fussy about eating for the past day or two.  It was cooling off and their appetites were picking up, but now it's back into the 80's every day and they just aren't as active or hungry.  Hoover can't think about anything buy Priya next door so he's on the short list to be neutered.

Nabisco is desperately trying to get Mrs Claws attention but she's just not the brightest kitten in the litter and hasn't made much in the way of overtures to him yet.

Tonight Hoover Tiger will be seen by the vet for X-rays, Sonogram and neuter in the Windsong Memorial Hospital.  It will probably be around 5-6 PM ET.  Watch for it at



Bingo-Prizes-Nov-25-4Then join Big Cat Rescue at Hamburger Mary's in Tampa (Ybor City location) on November 30th for Bingo to benefit the cats!! We've done this a few times in the past and it's always a blast and usually sells out!

Several folks from Big Cat Rescue will be there too, so please come say hello.

Come in costume, come in drag, wear your cat ears...dress however you'd like and have a roaring good time! Seating is limited to the first 200 guests, so please RSVP at 813-241-MARY for Wednesday, November 30th at 7PM.

There's no cover charge. All you pay for is your drinks, food and bingo cards (10 cards of 3 for $10).

We'll have lots of great prizes too!

Watch the video from one of our past events at Hamburger Mary's:

See you TONIGHT  (November 30th)!


YOU exceeded our WILDEST dreams! Thank you, to everyone who donated and shared our #GivingTuesday event.

giving tuesday 2016

A lot of you gave on other platforms too, and we are still adding up the tally for the cats.  Where ever and how ever you participated, it was much appreciated.


Big Cat Videos

Thanksgiving Big Cat Style!!

Watch as the big cats enjoy and destroy a Thanksgiving feast made by our enrichment team.

Spirit Feather Bobcat Watching Squirrels

Recorded: November 29. 1016 by Susann Mesna from LIVE webcam

It's almost been a year...

It’s almost been a year since the cameras went live. Some of the things we have seen in that time.  Recorded by Susann Mesna: 2016 Credit:

Hey Hoov! Hey Teej! Tiger Lake boys on November 29

Video by Ruxandra Nicolae from

If you Never Want to Miss a LIVE Facebook Broadcast

Dear BCR, Followers have had trouble getting NOTIFICATION of live videos, I think I have found the problem. Facebook changed some things around so we are not getting notifications of when BCR (Carole) goes live. If you have liked BCR's page an arrow will show up on LIKED. Mouseover Liked and a dropdown window comes up. There you see 2 options (IN YOUR FEED and NOTIFICATIONS) make sure All ON is checked.  In addition click on the word notification and a larger menu will open. Make sure the ALL LIVE POSTS is checked. This should get us our notifications again for live broadcasts. Please let me know if this does not work for you and I will continue looking for answers.  Barbara P.


Global Big Cat Events

Tiger Escapes Zoo

INDORE, India, Nov. 28  An Indian zoo said no humans or animals were injured when a female tiger escaped her enclosure and was on the loose for about 90 minutes.  The Indore Zoo said the 15-month-old tigress, Jamuna, escaped her enclosureSunday by climbing a 12-foot wall and going under the iron mesh surrounding the habitat.  Reports indicated the tiger was spooked when a balloon thrown into the enclosure by a child popped on the ground.

Leopard Study in India

The forest department is planning to tag a few leopards with GPS-enabled radio collars, and install 100 additional camera traps, all with the help of Wildlife Institute of India (WII). There are 12 camera traps already installed across the Aravalis, to track big cat movement. The study will be conducted across the five Haryana districts -Gurgaon, Faridabad, Rewari, Mahendragarh and Mewat -traversed by the mountain range.

Nevada Is Lawless When it Comes to Big Cat Possession

Jacki Freeman and Abby Hedengren were charged with cruelty after authorities had to confiscate an African lionesses, African lion, Bengal tiger, Canadian Siberian lynx hybrid cats, a black panther, a fennec fox, and a serval caracal hybrid cat.  The animals were found locked in bedrooms with urine and feces on the walls and carpet.  Earlier this month another investigation occurred of a Pahrump woman that was illegally owning three tigers. The animals were found loose in the backyard being supervised by a 17-year-old. She was arrested and faces charges.

Cougar Being Killed for Doing What Cougars Do

State officials have issued a permit to kill the mountain lion known as P-45 after the big cat was strongly suspected of slaughtering nearly a dozen alpacas and a goat at ranches in the Malibu hills.  But the possibility of the roughly 4-year-old male lion dying in a legally sanctioned hunt has sparked protest among some animal welfare groups, which call it unfair to punish the puma for acting on its instincts.

He Wanted to Pet a Tiger

A 25-year-old man jumped into a tiger enclosure in Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park in Hyderabad, but was rescued unhurt by the animal keeper and security guards.  When people see others touching big cats, it's monkey see, monkey do, and the exotic cats are the ones who usually pay with their lives.



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