Nov 5 2016

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Keeper Notes


"We are still waiting for Joseph to leave vacation so you will need to open the gate by the modglen house behind the vaca cage. If by chance he shifts over tonight please close the quillitine doors and call me and I will come close everything up so Carole can check it and take down the tunnel when she arrives. (Joseph moved this morning, so he is off vacation now)

There are a bunch of signs to be moved that we didn't have time to move today. List on white board.

Please have someone pound in the plastic pipe and hang green chain for Sundari and Cheetaro so the yellow shirts can clean the cougars.

Plastic pipe leaning up against everything else trailer and green chain and pole pounder inside door of tool trailer.

Zimba back in hospital with stitches on a wound he is also back on meds, they are on the counter in the hospital. Twice a day.

You look a bit slim tomorrow for keepers, call if you need to." - Gale

Kali Tiger is on vacation in the Vacation Rotation enclosure.

Keisha Tiger is house sitting for Kali while she's away.

Zeus Tiger is house sitting for Keisha while she's across the street.

The Holleys are coming to build tiger size platforms in Mickey Cougar's old cage that is being renovated for the new tigers that are coming.

Tonight is our annual Halloween Party for the volunteers at 7:30 PM ET.  You can watch it LIVE at


Big Cat Rescue Funds Flat Headed Cat Project in Borneo

In June of 2016 Big Cat Rescue donated to support the Wildlife Conservation & Ecology Lab at University Malaysia Sarawak, headed by Dr Mohd-Azlan J. Azad, with his project studying Small Borneo Wild Cats.

flat headed cat

There are only five species of cats in Borneo but little is known on their exact occurrence and their habitats are increasingly being reduced for oil palm and other land use. Dr Mohd-Azlan J. Azad and his team have set infra red censored cameras in Ulu Sebuyau National Park in Sarawak, Malaysia to investigate the ecology of, in particular, the Flat-Headed Cat .

This National park has an area totaling 18,287 ha, consisting primarily of peat swamp forest. The National park is currently not open to visitors as it has no infrastructure and is located far from human settlements.

Camera trapping in this protected area started in late 2015, and to date 1314 camera trap photos have recorded Binturong, Banded Linsang, Leopard Cat, Marbled Cat and the rare and Endangered Flat-Headed Cat.

marbled cat

These photographic captures provide new and important information that can be documented about this threatened carnivores occurrences and its habitat preferences to further understand this mysterious and elusive species in the wild.

leopard cat

Read more about the work currently happening here:

See more of the wild cat projects that you help us support at


Your Sharing Makes Caring for Them Possible

2017 big cat calendar

We recently ran a social media post featuring our New 2017 Big Cat Calendars and within a few hours 30 of you ordered the calendar. THANK YOU for supporting the cats and this mission with your calendar purr-chases. What we do here at Big Cat Rescue is made possible by all of you. So, THANK YOU, each of you who shared our Calendar post! YOU Are Making A Difference!


Checking In With Mrs. Claws Bobcat

Check out the latest on Mrs. Claws bobcat, and find out if she is being released back in the wild or not.


Walk with us as we prepare for new cats

Walk with us as we prepare for new cats. TJ Tiger gets locked up. Zeus Tiger gets eye drops, a bobcat is sedated for a spay, Ares and Orion the cougars show Jamie how big a lock out needs to be, Scott raises a dead building off the ground and a sneak peek at new bobcat, Kewlona.


Please Vote for Us and Share the Contest

Big Cat Rescue is competing for 2 awards in our local PBS television station's annual WEDU Be More awards!

This contest is highly publicized in the Tampa Bay area and is a great way to build awareness in our surrounding counties of what Big Cat Rescue does and help us put a stop to the cub petting and swimming that is done in this area through this awareness. We have won when we competed in the past - please help us keep our winning streak going!

You can VOTE DAILY until December 7 for Big Cat Rescue in 2 categories:

Be More Humble and Be More Relevant.

SCROLL WAY DOWN at EACH link below and check the round bubble next to Big Cat Rescue's name.  (Big Cat Rescue)

button wedu big cat rescue  (Big Cat Rescue: Update Mickey Cougar)

button wedu big cat rescue mickey



Watch our big cats LIVE on our many webcams at  See our Vacation Rotation enclosure there for cats on “vacation”.

Almost every medical procedure will have a video on or or a LIVE Facebook feed at

Need to stay in the know?  Sign up at

Want to help us care for these cats?  There are lots of ways to help at

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