November 12 2017

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Big Cat Updates

Summary:  Saving Jaguars in the wild, Photos, Videos, Poem, Cooper update, Cool gifts - sponsor kits, and more.

Keeper Sue Messineo's Coordinator Report for Saturday, November 11, 2017

Beautiful day today!
The work group cleaned up Duchess' enclosure completely.
Dryden and Kewlonas enclosure was finished and they have access to the entire enclosure.
Joseph ate like a champ today!
Keisha is enjoying pork now.

Funny how the cats change what their favorite food is from day to day.  Learn more about what we feed the cats at  It has been a while since we updated the prices there but you can see the quality of what the cats eat.  We feed out about 500 pounds of food per day, every day which runs around $1,500 (or more) per day just for meat so your donations are sincerely appreciated.  The shortcut link to our secure donation site is

ClipArt film Facebook Live Video Replays

Meet Nikita Lioness, 500 pounds of waiting for breakfast. Watch more at

Evening Meds and Snacks with Momma Becky

 2017 Saving Wild Places for Wild Cats

Here at Big Cat Rescue we believe wild cats should live wild and free, which is one of the reasons we do not breed here. We periodically do events to raise funds to support programs and projects working to save the cats in the wild. Yes, we believe that can be saved in the wild if everyone will work together toward that goal. Check out some of the conservation projects we like. All of the conservation projects from the top of the page to the bottom of the Bay Area Bobcat Study are new on this page:

Here is just one of them:

Journey of the Jaguar

JaguarAlmost two decades ago, Panthera co-founder Dr. Alan Rabinowitz catalyzed a profound shift in jaguar conservation. All jaguars, it had recently been discovered, shared the same DNA. That genetic integrity, preserved across thousands of miles, meant that jaguars were living and breeding and dispersing along a connected path throughout the entirety of their range. To save the jaguar,  would require ensuring their safe passage along that path, from northern Mexico to northern Argentina. Christening it the Jaguar Corridor, Dr. Rabinowitz set the stage for one of the most ambitious conservation efforts in the world.

The 5,000 mile Jaguar Corridor meanders through protected areas, as well as places where humans have also made their mark: citrus groves, cattle ranches, palm oil plantations, and even the Panama Canal. It is in these mostly unprotected corridors where jaguars encounter the most danger. Loss of habitat and natural prey, plus increased encounters with humans that are often deadly to the cats, can lead to the isolation of jaguar populations. Their gene pools become more shallow, diminishing their legendary resilience.

Panthera’s Jaguar Corridor Initiative seeks to protect jaguars across their entire range. In partnership with governments, corporations, and local communities, Panthera is working to preserve the genetic integrity of the jaguar by protecting core jaguar populations and the vital connectivity that has sustained them for hundreds of thousands of years. In 2017 so far the initiative has worked in 3 areas:

The Yukatan

The Yucatan Peninsula has more tropical forest and more jaguars than anywhere else in Mexico, but an unprotected area between two national parks is leaving them vulnerable to isolation. Rampant deforestation to make room for cattle ranches, along with other human activity, raises the stakes for conserving jaguars as their populations fragment.

The Northern Corridor

Starting on the Arizona-Mexico border, this Journey tracks the jaguar through its northernmost range, from Sonora’s desert landscape, through the Sinaloa Corridor, to Jalisco on the coast. The Sinaloa Corridor is a critical connection between core jaguar populations. In this rugged terrain, where Mexico’s infamous drug cartels hide out, landowners are seeking help from local government leaders to unlock federal funds and the political will to permanently protect jaguars in the area.

Bridging the Gap

On the border of Colombia and Panama lies the Darien Gap, a swath of nearly impenetrable jungle whose remote location and dense foliage provides perfect cover for jaguars—and tough going for humans. From the Darien’s estuarine mangroves, where saltwater jaguars subsist despite little prey and perennial mud, to the Serranía de San Lucas, a critical link between jaguar populations in Central and South America that needs permanent protection.

Read more about the project here:

Jaguar Jaguar Jaguar Jaguar

Again, go to to find several more Insitu projects like this one.

 Big Cat Sponsorship Kits as Gifts

Big cat friend: (name withheld in honor of child's privacy) - Last weekend at BCR I got my 5 year old granddaughter a sponsorship for her favorite Big Cat, Priya and a stuffed tiger ( which she immediately named Priya). She was SO excited ( as you can tell by her face) to help sponsor Priya!  I am determined to educate my granddaughters as well as others about the horrors of captive wild life that should be living in the wild. I was not brought up to understand that, until I found BCR! I have learned so much from them!  I ❤️ BCR! ( excuse her messy hair- I had just picked her up from kindergarten).

Big cat friend: I got my grandson a Sabre sponsorship last summer, and he got to meet Sabre in June.  He will always remember that . I made this collage for him to put in his room

 When you give Big Cat Sponsorship Kits as gifts this holiday season you can be sure it is a unique gift your friends and family will cherish and have the satisfaction of knowing your gift is also helping big cats.  Check it out at

 Bobcat Rehab

Big cat friend, Gwynnie Heriford sent in this poem for Warrior

Run free into the light of day - A poem

Dedicated to the memory of our sweet warrior and our sweet Journey

Run free into the light of day,
Climbing trees or catching prey,
Running free where you belong
Run free into the light of day

The wild is out where you belong,
Not in cages all day long,
Your love,
Your presence need to be free,
Run free into the light of day

Though your beautiful soul has passed on,
Your love in our hearts will always live on,
In other animals that we see
We all know you’re running free
Run free into the light of day.


clipart lynx leaping Cooper, Rehab Bobcat

Cooper will be returning to the wild in the very near future.  We will keep you posted.  Check out his journey from an orphaned kitten caught raiding a chicken coop to the grown up fierce little hunter he is now.  See LOTS of photos and videos of Cooper at

ClipArt Cub in a cape Keeper Corner

Keeper Alyssa Weber:  Josh doing what Josh does.

Keeper Michael Heap:   LOL, Keisha looks "Just like her picture"

Keeper Michael Heap:  Cyrus' best pumpkin impression.

Photo by Keeper Michael Heap:

Keeper Michael Heap: MaryAnn

 Photos From Social Media Overnight

Rain Rehab Bobcat - Previous Bobcat Rehab resident.  Learn more about our Bobcat Rehab program at

Keisha Tiger enjoying a lazy soak in the pool. YOU can PURR-chase a Thanksgiving Turkey for a tiger at

Joseph, King of the "Mountain"

 Amazon Tees

If you got to and then to a search for “Big Cat Rescue Tees”  you will find LOTS of tee shirt featuring the cats here.

Reise Cougar Butterfly Tee

ClipArt film Past Videos

Tiger FUN!! Published on Apr 28, 2017 - Seth is currently Big Cat Rescue's youngest tiger. Despite his ankle injury, he really knows how to have a good time!!

 Help the Cats at NO COST to You

Shop for everyone on your gift list this holiday at and Amazon donates to Big Cat Rescue.

Photo by Keeper MaryLou Geis

With the holiday shopping season fast approaching we wanted to remind everyone that when you for everyone on your gift list this holiday at and Amazon donates to Big Cat Rescue.

  Cole & Marmalade’s Corner

Funny Crazy Cats! - Published on Jun 29, 2017 - Feline Frisky! … Cole and Marm definitely had some fun in this hallway :) - For all the folks asking about the cat toys I slide everywhere… Jess actually crochets these and sells them on her Etsy store, by far Cole's favorite toys!


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