November 13 2019

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Big Cat Updates

  • We had to say goodbye to our preciousKeisha Tiger, today.
  • Philmo Bobcat left the recovery hospital today and returned to his outside suite of cages.

Alexa Flash Briefing

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Saying Goodbye to Keisha Tiger

It was gloomy, with a cold front moving in, as Dr. Wynn and the vet crew gathered around Keisha Tiger to put an end to her long-time struggle with high blood pressure and the ravages of old age. Keisha seemed to be the only one at peace with what was coming next. She had made her decision a couple of days ago and stopped eating. This was after years of begging her to eat and take her meds. She was done with this world and ready to move on. Keisha’s resilience taught us all so much about being courageous in the face of despair. She will be greatly missed. You can post your tributes at

Daily Memes & Quotes

“The further a society drifts from the truth,
the more it will hate those who speak it”
~George Orwell

Memes and Quote of the Day

Coordinator Report - Lauren Buckingham

Today was a nice cool day and the cats were extra frisky!

The cats were fasted today ready for flea treatment tomorrow. The older guys and those on meds had lighter meals.

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Keisha. Dr. Wynn came in mid-afternoon to help ease her onto her next adventure. Thank you to everyone who has helped take care of her the past few years....she will be missed!

Philmo Bobcat is back outside in his enclosure. He was very happy to leave the recovery hospital.

MC did food prep and covered the radio while I was in the staff meeting. Fred covered the radio for a short while in the PM so I could do rehabs and also did PM supplements.

Fred & Julia Kiser helped rake up some areas in Shiloh's enclosure whilst Jamie & Victor did some roof repairs. Cassidy & Melody deep cleaned the rat room.

Thank you to the volunteers that came in to cover private and PM tours, so I could keep the interns.

Thank you as always to my feeders and cleaners that answered my call for help!

That's it from me.

Videos of the Day

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Happy Anniversary, Beacher

Beacher has called Big Cat Rescue home for 2 years today! Happy Rescue Anniversary Beach Boy!

Happy Anniversary Beacher Savannah Cat

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Kristine’s Bobcat Rehab Overnight Report

MALACHITE, ASH and CINDER – In the late afternoon, Ash and Cinder wandered around the front section for a while. They sat and looked for Malachite for a bit and watched up in the tree for the squirrel. Ash was on the left side sitting on the den and saw a squirrel or bird on top of their enclosure and stalked it until it left. They also wandered around in the middle and back sections. They both sat by the pipe in the back section, watching the opening for a while.

A rain shower started up and they stayed in the front section, they sat and watched things around them, then they disappeared until later when the rain stopped. As it got dark they came into the front section and roamed around, checking things out. Cinder paced the fence and they both went back and forth between the front and middle sections for quite a while, stopping every once and a while to look for Malachite and the squirrel. So cute! They saw something out there towards the woods and were very interested in whatever it was.

After a while, they wore themselves out and went to their spot on the grass by the pipe to cuddle up together and take a nice long nap. Later when they woke up, they went back to wandering around. After a short time, they disappeared into the middle section and a bit later they went into the back section to sit by the pipe some more, then they played for a bit on the tall platform. Ash got up on the new middle shelf and checked it out. He also stood up there and looked down, watching Cinder wandering around down below, lol. They are so cute!

After a while, they made their way back to the front and went to their grassy spot to curl up together for another nap. A while later they woke up and went back to roaming around. They played a little, chasing each other a bit, then as it was getting light, they saw a squirrel up in the tree and stalked it for a short time, before the squirrel came down the tree and ran to the right in between the enclosures.

Of course, Ash and Cinder took off to the middle section to stalk it some more. I saw Malachite from their front camera, running with them after the squirrel. So cute! As I write this, they are running around between the front section and the middle section, having fun. Love those three little Bobcats!!! :-)

Have a wonderful day, everyone!
Warm wishes, Kristine Metzner

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