November 15 2018

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Big Cat Updates

Manny Jaguar is sure enjoying FunCation!

Frankie has been moved to the cage between Gilligan and Loki and finds his new neighbors rather entertaining.

We Need 2 iPads - Are You Upgrading Yours?

If you are upgrading your iPads would you consider donating your older ones to Big Cat Rescue?  Two of our daily use iPads have bit the dust :-(  We really need one for the Enrichment Team for documentation, scheduling, record keeping, etc.  We also need on for the tours.  We use them to get guests checked in faster.  If you are in a position to donate either a w new or used one please contact Barb in the office at

Guatemala Tigers

Can these three Former Guatemalan Circus Tigers Kimba, Max and Simba Count on YOU on Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday, the 24-hour global online fundraising event to kick off the holiday season of giving will take place on Tuesday, November 27, 2018. And early donations with a $35,000 match started this week!

Giving Tuesday has become one of the sanctuary's most important fundraising days of the year. The financial support we receive from generous donors like you during this annual campaign, which takes place each year on the Tuesday following Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is so important for our cats!

This year we are in the process of rescuing three young male former circus tigers from the South American country of Guatemala – Kimba (just 2 years old), Max and Simba (both 8 years old) – after the government banned wild animals in circuses last year and they had nowhere to go. These tigers are currently safe and being cared for at a temporary facility in Guatemala as we await their export/import permits so we can bring them to the fur-ever home here at Big Cat Rescue. We hope they will arrive in December and can’t wait to greet them!

Our goal is to raise $120,000 on Giving Tuesday -- this amount will provide nutritious food and excellent veterinary care for Kimba, Max and Simba tigers for their first FOUR YEARS at the sanctuary!

We are especially excited this year because the first $35,000 in Giving Tuesday donations will be matched dollar for dollar thanks to generous donations by the SHARE Foundation, Penny & Don Pray and someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

Can Kimba, Max and Simba tigers count on you on #GivingTuesday? Remember: Early donations started Tuesday, November 13 and qualify for the matching funds so you don’t even need to wait until November 27! Learn more and donate to the care of these cats at

THANK YOU and best wishes for a peaceful and joyous holiday season!
The Big Cat Rescue Family

Alexa Flash Briefing - GOOD NEWS

Did you know that on overall about 97% of Amazon purchases don't go through AmazonSmile? It is my guess several of those missed donations are from BCR supporters shopping on who forgot to log in through How many times have you bought something on and realized afterward that you forgot to log in through We hear that from viewers frequently. Carole found something to help prevent that.

Smilematic is a simple browser extension that any supporter can install for free, and from that point on all their Amazon shopping experiences go through AmazonSmile.

Here's a 30-second video that explains it better :) It's absolutely free.  I now have it on my computer and it is sure handy!!!  Now I just go to Amazon and I am automatically at Smile.Amazon, so now I won't forget again!

Foster Kitten Program Updates

We have a single new kitten named Buttercup. Tanya will help Karma SNAP test her. If she's negative, she can go to the Cabana when Tanya comes in at 1. She will live with Toodles and Birdie.  Momma cat, Sierra, moves to the Himalayan Intern house tonight.

The following kittens returned to Humane Society to find their furever families.

  • Shane
  • Skylar
  • Shiloh
  • Abigail
  • Cindy
  • Olivia
  • Overton

The following kittens have been adopted by their furever families.

  • Kai
  • Kali

Coordinator Report - Lauren Grant

Great day today!! The weather was awesome!! So the cats were champs today. Even though it was flea meds day, we managed to get most of the cats to take them in the morning with their breakfast! There were a couple of holdouts, but most everyone did fantastic! Thanks to everyone who came to help prep and feed today!

Sundari had her 22nd Bday party thanks to Lauren Buckingham :) She enjoyed her small, but filling birthday 'cake.' Kathryn, Mary Jerome, and Chris Poole got all of our small cats their heating pads for their dens, as well as filled in some more hay in the dens. Our awesome intern force was able to get loads of sticks and branches picked up around the intern housing.

Cameron, Hoover, and Andre were all eating champs today! Hopefully, they can keep it up!

Thanks for a great day!!


The Volunteer Committee is pleased to announce the following promotions:

  • Kerry O'Connell - Level 2 Intern
  • Dylan Lavigne - Level 3 Intern
  • Tanya Chute - Level 3 Intern
  • Abbey Rivett - Level 5 Intern

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the following Big Cat Rescuers

Happy Anniversary to the following Big Cat Rescuers:

  • Carole Baskin - 1992
  • Jamie Veronica - 1992
  • MaryLou Geis - 1997
  • Honey Wayton - 2004
  • Lauren Grant - 2008
  • Kathyrn Stapleton - 2011
  • Desmond. Fowles - 2012
  • Sarah Ballentine - 2013
  • Barbara Nicholas - 2015
  • Holly Tifft - 2016
  • Melinda Berkley-Coats - 2017
  • Christine Hamblin - 2017

YAY - It is FIXED - Our Videos on iTunes for iPhones

Carole said she finally got our videos posting to iTunes again for people who have iPhones to be able to subscribe.  The easy link is one that is EASY TO Remember, too.  Check out

Throwback Thursday Video - Do Big Cat Cough Up Hairballs?

YES, REALLY BIG ONES - Big cats cough up BIG cat hairballs just like their domestic cousins! Joseph our male lion recently produced a specimen so we thought we'd show our viewers!


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