November 15 2019

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Big Cat Updates

Walkabout 2019 Donations to 5 Conservation Projects

The 2019 Wildcat Walkabout was a HUGE success as we raised more funds for five conservations projects to save big cats in the wild! Because of all of you awesome people and your help at the Walkabout, we raised over $40,000 to donate to the 5 conservation projects, from admissions, donations, the raffle, and paw castings. Thank you!!! The five species benefiting from this are:

Florida Panther
Snow Leopard

Big shout out to Erin Carden, Rebecca Williams, Lynda Licht, Carolyn Thompson, Lauren Grant & their guests, for all their efforts learning and talking to guests about the projects ?

Great American Teach-In

A big THANK YOU and round of applause to this year’s Great American Teach-In volunteers who went into schools this week to share BCR’s message!

Dennis Mitchell, Sherry Levesque, Lacy Benton, Megan Myers, Honey Wayton, Pam Rodriguez, Susan Bass, Taylor Tyree, Barbara Nicholas, Randall Munsters, and Lisa Spencer-Novak you all rock! Thank you for lending your time and voice to introduce the cats to kids across the Tampa Bay Area. With 25 schools and over 2,000 students, we had our work cut out for us!

Alexa Flash Briefing

In case you have missed previous days’ news briefings you can find more at You can find older briefings at

Daily Memes & Quotes

“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely”
~Roald Dahl

Memes and Quote of the Day - “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely” ~Roald Dahl

Happy Birthday, Sundari! & THANK YOU for helping the cats win $5,000!

Help us wish the Happiest of Birthdays to Sundari the Leopard! She turns 23 years old today!! That is like being 138 years old in human years!

She’s so excited to share the big news with all of you: Big Cat Rescue has officially won the $5,000 All Star Slots contest!! Thank you to everyone who voted for us and shared our posts! ?

Sundari Leopard

Coordinator Report - Aleesa Salcido

It was a fun-filled day today!

We had small specialty tours go out today in this chilly weather! Susan Reed led the feeding tour today with Bri McSherry as her back up! It was so good to see you again, Bri! Sharon Henry led the keeper tour today and Elizabeth Heath and Hanna Selsky helped her out!

Hanna also completed her .me training so she is making moves!

We were full at 3 tours this chilly afternoon! Sue R was super nice and agreed to stay and give that tour with Diane Amison-Loring. Thank you so much for staying and doing the tour today, Sue! I really appreciate it!

Melody Moore gave the second tour with Sherry Levesque as her back up, and Cassidy Helber led the last tour with Diana Rao and Hanna Selsky as her backups!

Thank you guys so much for coming in today! I really appreciate seeing every one of you and all the help you give the cats!?

Merchandise of the Day

Celebrate Sundari on her 23rd Birthday with Stunning New Items from our Teespring Store!!

Big Cat Rescue MerchandiseDesign by Tom Hutchinson-

Design by Jessica Marks-

Your purchase helps Big Cat Rescue provide rehab care of native bobcats and permanent care of nearly 60 abandoned and abused Big Cats.

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Sample Keeper Moments Video – Manny Jaguar close up! I see two bear paws at the top of his shoulder. See anything else in his spots?

Kristine’s Bobcat Rehab Overnight Report

MALACHITE, ASH and CINDER – During the afternoon, Ash lounged and napped in the left front section, on the grass by the pipe. He stayed there for quite a while, just enjoying the afternoon breezes and cat naps. Cinder lounged and napped on the tall platform all afternoon. She would wake up every so often and look around, then go back to napping.

Later Ash woke up and watched a squirrel walk by, then he wandered around checking things out. He got up on the swinging shelf to lounge for a bit, then as it started to get dark he went into the middle section for a short time, then he came back into the left front side and curled up on the grass to bathe and then take another long nap. He woke up a few times and looked around then would go right back to napping.

Earlier there was a rain shower and Cinder jumped down off of the platform and disappeared to somewhere dry. I didn't see her for a long time after that. Ash just continued to lounge and nap there on the grass, he didn't seem to mind the rain shower at all.

Later overnight, Ash found a rat running around and he caught it, played with it and then had dinner, lol. He went and looked in the opening of the pipe to see if there was anything in there and then he went back to his place on the grass to curl up and lounge, then nap some more.

Cinder reappeared by the tall platform wandering around in the grass and then she went under the platform and sat looking around for a bit, then she disappeared again. Ash woke up for a short time and wandered around, then he went back to the grassy place to nap some more.

Later he woke up and was full of energy. He wandered around the front and first half of the middle section, sometimes stopping to sit on the Coolaroo and look over towards Malachite's enclosure or towards the woods, just watching things going on. Then he got up on the den and sat there watching out across the area, he also got up on the swinging shelf for a minute, then was back down roaming around.

As I write this, Ash is lounging on the swinging shelf watching things and Cinder is walking back and forth along the fence in the back section. They are so precious!!! :-)

I wish all of you a wonderful Friday!
Warm wishes, Kristine Metzner

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