November 16 2017

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Big Cat Updates

SUMMARY:  Buy a turkey for a tiger, Happy update for Will Bobcat, Big Cat Times, Beautiful Sundari, Cecil and Beyond a case study, 50% off Tigers Eye bracelet, Joseph's nest cam, and more.

Joseph's Nest Cam is down:  The cable is dead again in the barn (phone line too). Gale is already on it with FIOS after we tested the lines to the building. The supply in is down. Hopefully it will be sorted soon but I expect it'll need a site visit from them to diagnose. We'll keep you posted on this issue. Regards, Keeper Michael Heap.

Keeper Afton's Coordinator Report for Wednesday, November 15th

The cats were fasted today for flea treatment tomorrow except for a select handful of them.

Since there was no feeding, cleaning was done early. During cleaning a group of interns and volunteers cut all of the pumpkins out of the enclosures and discarded them.

All but 3 lockouts in center were weeded.

Will Bobcat was having a really good day today!! We was bright eyed and active. He was a hungry boy and ate really well and took all of his meds with no problem.

 Big Cat Times

The Fall and Winter issues are now available online, FREE.

NOTE: Some of you went to get the free download last night and the system mistakenly charged you for shipping.  When we set up the free downloads we forgot to tick the box for the free shipping option, since it is a download there should be no shipping fee.  As soon as it was discovered, she promptly issued full refunds to the few people who were mistakenly charged a shipping fee.  Please accept our sincerest apologies for that embarassing oversight.


32 page full color magazine about the big cats at Big Cat Rescue and about big cat issues. Great Photos, too!


 Buy a Turkey for a Tiger

It is time again for our annual drive for funds to purchase extra turkeys and game hens for the cats for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Would you like to help us provide special holiday treats to your favorite cats? is a secure webpage to donate to this fund at.

  People Often Ask

 50% Sale – Limited Offer- Elegant Tigers Eye Beaded Bracelet

We started yesterday afternoon with ONLY 75 coupon codes for 50% off. The beautiful bracelet is not only eye catching but also protects tigers !!

  • Coupon codes expire midnight ET November 18, 2017
  • If you have Amazon Prime there is free 2 day shipping.
  • These can only be shipped to the U.S.
  • Limit one coupon code per person.
  • Fits a 7.5 inch wrist, so not a child’s bracelet, despite the ads.

They will go fast so email to get your coupon code while supply lasts. (U.S. Only)

 Art By Cindy

THANK YOU Cindy Arthur for sharing your amazing talent with the cats!

This is beautiful Sundari Leopard.

Surf over and “Like” Art By Cindy Facebook page:

Keeper Corner

Keeper Afton: Will is still day by day. Mostly good days, but a few tough ones. He is being put outside with Anasazi today. (See video at the bottom of this page)

 Big Cat Facts

The Lion is the only cat that lives in large social groups, shares its territory, and regularly hunts together.

The Lion is the only cat that lives in large social groups, shares its territory, and regularly hunts together.

Photo by Keeper Desmond Fowles

 Big Cat Public Safety Act

Has YOUR Reppresentaive Co-Sponored yet?

Have YOU made the Call of the wild at yet, this week?  Have you asked at least one friend to make the call?

ClipArt film Past Videos

Toys For BIG CATS!! - Published on Mar 7, 2017 - Watch as the big cats have a ball with their permanent enrichment toys. Thank you to all of the amazing people that donated these toys!

 Quick Links – These links will come in handy as you begin teaching other about big cat issues.  Let us know if something needs to be added.  Are there questions you are having trouble finding answers for?

 Cole & Marmalade’s Corner

CAT LOGIC - Published on Oct 3, 2014 - What do cats think about? Here are some funny examples of cat logic… Let us know if you've had similar experiences with your cat or any different examples you liked to share with us, so we can continue to understand the cat… or not! :)

 Big Shout Out

Thank You, EVERYONE who has chosen Big Cat Rescue, corp. as their chosen charity on  AmazonSmile Foundation has just sent the cats a $13,211.92 donation because of the purr-chases YOU MADE between July 1, 2017 and September 30, 2017.  That feeds the cats for almost NINE DAYS!!!!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  When you go to your Amazon account through this link and Amazon donates .5% of your purchase price to the cats at NO EXTRA COST TO YOU.

Facebook Live Video Replays

Will Bobcat Goes Home to his Beloved Anasazi

Keisha Tiger moves next door

Rescued kittens play and heal while they wait for their forever homes. Watch more at

Enjoy a breezy nap w/ Seth at Tiger Lake. Help feed big cats like him by making Big Cat Rescue your charity of choice at where Amazon makes a donation, at no cost to you, every time you shop.

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