November 16 2019

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Big Cat Updates

Alexa Flash Briefing


In case you have missed previous days’ news briefings you can find more at You can find older briefings at

Daily Memes & Quotes

“Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness”

Memes and Quote of the Day - “Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness”

Coordinator Reports

Sue Messineo - Today was a bit cool but what a wonderful change.

Big thanks to Becky, Rich, Babs, Maureen, Andrew, Barbara Ann, Mary G, Kristen, Amanda and Matt R for feeding and cleaning. Amanda and Matt gave the feeding tour. Babs and Dylan gave the keeper tour. Maureen, Babs, and Julie straightened up the enrichment barn and gave out cicles. Fred worked with another workgroup today.

Some of the small cats got hay put in their dens and they love it!


Thank you for braving the cold and risking cold boo-tays by going out on multiple tours today!

Amanda Fenick and Matt Ruszczyk led the feeding tour with Cassidy Helber! Dylan Lavigne was able to get another Keeper tour sign off with Babs Riddle and Erica Forbes was their awesome backup! Dennis Mitchell, Bridget Sardone, and Cassidy Helber started out today's day tours with Melissa Deep, Melody Moore, and Hanna Selsky as their backups!

Pam Rodriguez came in today to help out Randall Munsters with his tour that was backed up by Jeff Lovering. We were full-on kids tours that Melody Moore and Cassidy Helber led with Melissa Deep and Hanna Selsky as their backups! We had a delicious warm lunch provided by Bridget Sardone that warmed up the bodies of the tour guides and backups to brave the chilly weather.

Bridget Sardone led the first 3 PM tour with Melissa Deep and Cassidy Helber led the 2nd tour with Sebastian Orozco and Diane Amison-Loring as her backups!

Today was full of unexpected laughter and memories that I don't think any of us will forget lol. Thank you guys for always being rock stars!

Videos of the Day

Walk around the sanctuary with Carole and gets some interesting updates.

Operant conditioning with Nikita Lion

Merchandise of the Day

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1. Video – Jinx is so into his bloodsicle, he doesn't even mind the grass tickling his face!
2. Video – Tom Tom seems to be settling into her new home, and I think Keeper Mary Lou is totally smitten!
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Kristine’s Bobcat Rehab Overnight Report

MALACHITE, ASH and CINDER – This will be a shorter report as Ash and Cinder weren't in view as much overnight. During the afternoon, Cinder lounged and napped on the tall platform and Ash napped on the grass by the pipe and he also lounged on the swinging shelf. He sat by the coolaroo and watched the squirrel up in the tree and wandered back and forth between the front and middle sections. He spent more time in the middle section today and overnight.

After it got dark, Cinder disappeared into the back middle section and I didn't see her all night. After it got light, she was running along the fence in the back section and then she got up on the new level on the platform to look around a bit. Ash wandered in between the middle and front sections at times overnight, just checking things out. He stopped in the left front section for a while later overnight to bathe, then he went back to the middle section to nap.

He slept in the middle section overnight and only wandered through the front at times. Both he and Cinder were quieter overnight. After it got light, Ash came to the front section to sit on the Coolaroo and look for Malachite and also watched for the squirrels. As I write this, Ash is still running back and forth between the front and middle sections and Cinder is still running around the back section and checking out the new level on the platform. Love those two and Malachite too!!! :-)

I wish everyone a wonderful Caturday!
Warm wishes, Kristine Metzner

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