November 17 2019

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Big Cat Updates

Alexa Flash Briefing


In case you have missed previous days’ news briefings you can find more at You can find older briefings at

Daily Memes & Quotes

“May your vibes shift the whole frequency of the room when you walk in”

Memes and Quote of the Day - “May your vibes shift the whole frequency of the room when you walk in”

Coordinator Reports

Angie Gabor - It was a Chilly ? one today!!! We had awesome volunteers that came out in the cold to help us care for our cats.

Great thanks to Deidra, Stephanie, Mai, Nikki, Brittany, Bridget, Jennifer, Rebecca, Becky, and Dylan. Because of your dedication and help with feeding, cleaning, specialty tours, and projects, today was a great day for the cats.

With such a great crew Kathryn and I had a chance to go around the sanctuary and add hay into the dens of almost all the little cats. With these colder temperatures, they really appreciate the hay. We made it nice and cozy for them.

Thank you all for a fantastic day!!!

Karma Hurworth - It was a chilly and smooth running day in the gift shop. Thank you to everyone who answered my plea for help so we could send out 3 Kid's Tours!

Lisa Spencer-Novak and Melody Moore took the wheel as guides for the Day tour. Abdullah Ali got his first solo sign off with the help of Fred Pagan and Melody backing up.

Kids tours were led by Amanda Wright, Lisa, and Melody. Our faithful backups, Regina Turgeon and Marilyn Halpin kept everyone in line as well as Cassidy Helber.

Edith Parker, as she does each Sunday, kept the front running, allowing me to run out and take care of rehab for Abbey Rivett, who is taking a much deserved week off.

Lori Duska, our weekend receptionist, gave us a nice break from the phones.

That's it for me! Stay warm out there!

Happy Rescue Anniversary Priya Tiger

Today we Celebrate Priya Tiger on her 3 Year Rescue Anniversary!!!!
Do you remember how sick Priya was when she arrived here?

Priya Tiger

Learn her story at

Sponsor Priya on her special day at

Videos of the Day

Keeping cats warm - Walk around with Carole as she chats with us while keepers put hay and heading pads in the small cats' dens.

Merchandise of the Day

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Kristine’s Bobcat Rehab Overnight Report

MALACHITE, ASH and CINDER – During the afternoon, Cinder lounged on top of the tall platform in the back section, just watching things around her and Ash wandered around the front and middle sections, stopping to sit on the Coolaroo and look for Malachite at times.

In the late afternoon, Momma Becky came to clean their enclosure and give them fresh water and dinner. She also opened the door between the two middle sections so Ash and Cinder were back together again. They were so excited and ran around their enclosure sections together for a while. They would stop from time to time and rub their heads together. It was so cute!

After a little while, of course, Cinder wanted to check out the front section and Ash wanted to check out the back section, lol. He wandered around back there and then he got on the tall platform to look around and then he checked out the new shelf. Cinder just wandered around and checked things out. She found dinner and carried it around in her mouth for a bit because she saw Momma Becky over there taking care of Malachite.

As it got dark they both went to the back section to check out the feeding pipe. Cinder also wandered around back there and in the middle, while Ash stayed stationed at the feeding pipe opening, lol. They are too cute! After a bit Cinder came back to where Ash was sitting and they wrestled for a short time, before making their way into the middle section. They must have been napping in their secret napping spot because I didn't see them for quite a while.

Later they woke up and wandered back and forth through the front and middle sections. They did a lot of wandering around and checking things out when they were awake overnight. It was so cute, at one point Ash was in the front and saw Cinder coming, so he crouched down behind the logs like he was going to pounce on her, but she saw him and came zooming in over the logs and pounced him, lol.

After a while, they disappeared into the middle section again. Later they woke up and roamed around the back section, then went back up to the front to pace the fence and wander around. They also stopped every so often to look for Malachite and to look for the squirrel up in the tree. They zoomed around a bit, jumping on and off of the swinging shelf and then zooming into the middle section. So cute!

As it got light they continued to pace around, watching things out there in the area. As I write this, they are running up and down the fence of their back section while Malachite runs up and down his at the same time. Too cute! All three of them are so adorable!!! :-)

I wish all of you a blessed day!
Warm wishes, Kristine Metzner

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