November 21 2017


Big Cat Updates


Bobcat Rehab

Meet Teuci Bobcat! He got in trouble with a chicken farmer and got a little banged up in the process of being trapped. It won’t be long before he’s ready to go free. Find out more at

 Teuci-Rehab-Bobcat Teuci-Rehab-Bobcat Teuci-Rehab-Bobcat

Learn more about our Bobcat Rehab and Release program at

Facebook Live Video Replays

Enjoy some cute kittens who are here in foster care until they are old enough to adopt. Help feed big cats and kittens like these by making Big Cat Rescue your charity of choice at where Amazon makes a donation, at no cost to you, every time you shop.

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Have YOU SEEN This?

Posted by Big Cat Rescue on Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Big Cats Bake Thanksgiving Turkeys

Published on Nov 21, 2017 – Watch as our big cats receive Thanksgiving turkeys in their enrichment ovens. Happy Thanksgiving!

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If you want to post this video on your page here is the link to copy / paste:

Keeper Corner

Keeper Afton: Gabrielle has been playing and batting at this stick for a week. Well it looks like that’s the end of that!

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Armani enjoys her spice bag! Enrichment is so important in the lives of these captive animals!!

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Keeper Michael Heap: Gabrielle and I are now best friends after she finished every last scrap of food on my first day feeding bigs 🙂


Cooper is a young wild bobcat nearing the end of his Rehab Journey. He will soon be released back into the wild where he can live wild and free.

This wild little spitfire ended up in Big Cat Rescue’s Rehab & Release program several months ago as a young kitten because he had been caught red-pawed in a lady’s chicken coop stealing her small bantam chickens. It was pretty obvious he was an orphan and was too young to survive on his own without getting into trouble, or worse.

Wild bobcat kittens need their mothers to teach them to stay away from humans, how to hunt and how to live in the wild. Robbing chicken coops would surely cost this kitten his life but he was too young to catch regular wild prey. Without intervention this wild young bobcat kitten would not survive.

Thanks to friends, like you, who use the AmazonSmile program we are able to save wild bobcat kittens like Cooper, give them the medical care they need, time to grow, and time to learn the hunting skills they will need to survive in the wild.

Every time you login to your own Amazon account through to make your normal Amazon purr-chases Amazon’s Smile program donates .5% of your PURR-chase to the cats, at no extra cost to you.

YOUR Smile.Amazon PURR-chases are enabling us to save, rehabilitate, and return young healthy bobcats like Cooper back to the wild to live as nature intended them to.


Learn more about Cooper at

 Big Cat Public Safety Act

Has YOUR Reppresentaive Co-Sponored yet?

Have YOU made the Call of the wild at yet, this week?  Have you asked at least one friend to make the call?

 Quick Links – These links will come in handy as you beginf teaching other about big cat issues.  Let us know if something needs to be added.  Are there questions you are having trouble finding answers for?

Big Cat Friends

Matthew B: Reise’s Cat Chat

 Cole & Marmalade’s Corner

A Cat’s Guide to Boxes – Published on Jul 31, 2015 – If I fits, I sits… Everyone knows that cats love boxes! … Here’s Cole and Marmalade’s guide to these feline favorites. I’m convinced that pet stores should dedicate an aisle or two to selling boxes 🙂

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