November 22 2017

Big Cat Updates

SUMMARY:  Do tigers roar? Which tigers at BCR roar the most?  #GiveTuesday is coming, Federal employees participating in CFC, videos, photos, Black Friday, Cats getting Thanksgiving goodies, & more.

Cooper’s release date is not set in stone, yet. It will be soon and we will let you know as soon as we nail down the date.

We do monthly flea prevention every month, year round, and it costs us about $7,000 per month to do that. We are trying a new product this time that is even more expensive but is supposed to last for three months. We’ll let you know how it goes.  Keeping the cats flea free and comfortable is something we take seriously.

Keeper Afton’s Coordinator Report for Tuesday, November 21, 2017

I was crazy busy today trying to be three people at once, but everything went great and was well organized. A HUGE shout out to the interns today!! Tours were full, and we had a team building get together between some staff and the interns, so we needed to get out of work early. The interns worked incredibly well together to get tours taken care of and get chores done in food prep and the gift shop with enough time to go home, care for their kittens, and change before the event. It was great to see them all happily pull together to make it happen!

Both hospitals were swept and mopped.

I watered the grass seed in the empty cages by Kricket and Reise.

Hay was put in Diablo’s dens and he was given full access to his enclosure. Hay was also put in Will’s cement den.

The Texas tigers got Thanksgiving enrichment live on The DoDo, and all of the volunteers on property were there to watch.

You can still buy a turkey or a game hen for your favorite cat at

 Can Big Cat Rescue count on YOU on #GivingTuesday to help feed our 60+ exotic cats?

#GivingTuesday is just a few days away — Tuesday, November 28th! — If you’d like to donate early, our donation page is up and we would greatly appreciate early donations to help feed our exotic cats!

By far the largest expense at our sanctuary is the cost for food for our exotic cats. Our annual food bill is $200,000 — that’s over $16,000 each month!

We feed our cats the highest quality, most nutritious meat we can buy in order to keep them healthy and happy. Our goal this year is to raise $64,000 on #GivingTuesday — this will feed every mouth at the sanctuary for FOUR MONTHS!

Many of our cats were rescued from horrible situations where they received poor or inadequate nutrition…if they were fed at all. Zeus and Keisha tigers came from a New York facility that stopped feeding them; they were emaciated and close to starvation when we arrived to rescue them. The “Gilligan’s Island” cats as we call them because they all have names from the television show — Gilligan, Skipper, Mary Ann, Ginger, Thurston Howell and Lovey — had been abandoned by their Kansas owner and left to starve to death before we stepped in and brought them to their forever home in Tampa. These are just some of the stories of our cats. Luckily they are now at Big Cat Rescue and, thanks to donors like you, will never know hunger again!

Not familiar with #GivingTuesday? It’s an annual campaign that takes place on the Tuesday following Black Friday and Cyber Monday each year and is designed to be a 24-hour global online giving event to kick off the season of giving by encouraging people to donate to their favorite non-profits.

It is only because of the financial support we receive from generous donors like you that we can continue to say YES when exotic cats need to be rescued. THANK YOU for helping us feed our precious cats.

Wishing you a peaceful and happy holiday season!

ClipArt film Facebook Live Video Replays

Afternoon Walkabout – Afton feeding Joseph (very short)

Afternoon Walkabout Continued
Cats: Zeus, Arthur, Cameron, Artemis, Gabrielle, Hoover, (hear Hoover Roar), Keisha, Reise,


 Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Did you know you can support your favorite cats when you shop on Black Friday? Go to and Amazon donates to Big Cat Rescue, at no extra cost to you.

 Big Cat Thanksgiving

Watch as our big cats receive Thanksgiving turkeys in their enrichment ovens. Happy Thanksgiving!

 People Often Ask

People often ask: Do tigers roar?

Answer: Yes, both male and female tigers roar.

Carole answers this in the above Walkabout video.

We finally heard Zabu roar, something she does not do often. Carole said in all the years Zabu has been here she had never heard her roar. But recently she was just walking around roaring.

Priya roars a LOT. The Texas tigers roar frequently. Keisha roars quite a bit.

Seth, Andy, and Hoover do not roar much.

Gabrielle is a very small tiger but frequently shows off her big roar.

Clipart lion Are You a Federal Employee?

Are you a United States federal employee purr-ticipating in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)? If so, please consider choosing Big Cat Rescue as your payroll deduction charity. Our CFC number is 10766. On behalf of the cats, thanks so much!

 Cole & Marmalade’s Corner

Domestic cats are essentially mini tigers, Cole and Marmalade are both under 15 lbs but at times they sure have the catitude of a 500 lb tiger! … Now you can #TreatTheirWildSide with the new line of all-natural cat treats from H3 Essentials that are helping to raise awareness for Big Cat Rescue and their mission 🙂 PURRCHASE HERE: The treats are 100% US made, grain-free, all-natural, good for kitty dental hygiene and I’m very proud to be a part of this campaign… I (Chris, Cole & Marmalade’s Dad) worked as the videographer at Big Cat Rescue for 7 years and the sanctuary is doing grrreat work to help big cats around the world, learn more here:

Thanks fur your support everyone!


If you have not yet “Liked” Cole and Marmalade’s Facebook page prowl on over there and do so at

 Recent Social Media Posts

Viewers have been asking for recent social media photos to be posted here, so let me know what you all think about this added section.

Did you bring coffee? NO?
Then why are you here?

What are you grinning about?

Take time to smell the flowers and to snuggle in the shade.

Look who is being a lazy boy today.
Photo by Keeper Michael Heap

Cameron + Zabu = Cambu, a very funny duo

Babycakes is a very elderly African Genet
Photo by Keeper Sharon Henry

AWE, how sweet is this?

 Big Cat Public Safety Act

Has YOUR Reppresentaive Co-Sponored yet?

Have YOU made the Call of the wild at yet, this week?  Have you asked at least one friend to make the call?

 Quick Links – These links will come in handy as you beginf teaching other about big cat issues.  Let us know if something needs to be added.  Are there questions you are having trouble finding answers for?

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