November 26 2017

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Big Cat Updates

SUMMARY:  Keeper Matt is headed for trouble, Nabisco is one with a tree, Pawsome sales, Chaos loved her first Thanksgiving at BCR, The Great American Teach In, Giving Tuesday is coming, and more.

Mosquito Fish Update:  We see a little difference but it will likely take a few years of these few fish reproducing to make a really big difference.

Angie Gabor's Coordinator Report for Saturday 11/25/17

Awesome Day Today!!! We had a lot great volunteers today. The weather was really nice and the cats were out and frisky.

Since we had the keeper side covered with all of the volunteers, we were able to open more tours and our wonderful Interns and Partners gave tours to approximately 226 guests today!!! Amazing!!!

We had lots of enrichment and feeding sign offs.

We also had a great Workgroup from Stetson Law School who helped us clear out one of our enclosures. They worked hard at taking down branches and cutting down palmettos.

 Black Friday thru Cyber Monday

Black Friday thru Cyber Monday Offer: Free calendar any totaling $45 or more (excluding shipping fees). Offer valid 11/24 – 11/27. There is no coupon code for this offer. The calendars will be shipped with qualifying orders.

Chaos enjoying her Cornish hen! Mmmm tastes like chicken! Photo by Senior Keepers Sue Reed & Desmond Fowles


THANK YOU, EVERYONE, who donated turkeys and hens for the cats' Thanksgiving Day Feast. The cats LOVED their extra goodies.

If you would like to give your favorite cats a turkey or a hen for Christmas you can do that at

 Can Big Cat Rescue count on YOU on #GivingTuesday to help feed our 60+ exotic cats?

#GivingTuesday is just a few days away -- Tuesday, November 28th! -- If you'd like to donate early, our donation page is up and we would greatly appreciate early donations to help feed our exotic cats!

By far the largest expense at our sanctuary is the cost for food for our exotic cats. Our annual food bill is $200,000 -- that's over $16,000 each month!

We feed our cats the highest quality, most nutritious meat we can buy in order to keep them healthy and happy. Our goal this year is to raise $64,000 on #GivingTuesday -- this will feed every mouth at the sanctuary for FOUR MONTHS!

Many of our cats were rescued from horrible situations where they received poor or inadequate nutrition...if they were fed at all. Zeus and Keisha tigers came from a New York facility that stopped feeding them; they were emaciated and close to starvation when we arrived to rescue them. The "Gilligan's Island" cats as we call them because they all have names from the television show -- Gilligan, Skipper, Mary Ann, Ginger, Thurston Howell and Lovey -- had been abandoned by their Kansas owner and left to starve to death before we stepped in and brought them to their forever home in Tampa. These are just some of the stories of our cats. Luckily they are now at Big Cat Rescue and, thanks to donors like you, will never know hunger again!

Not familiar with #GivingTuesday? It's an annual campaign that takes place on the Tuesday following Black Friday and Cyber Monday each year and is designed to be a 24-hour global online giving event to kick off the season of giving by encouraging people to donate to their favorite non-profits.

It is only because of the financial support we receive from generous donors like you that we can continue to say YES when exotic cats need to be rescued. THANK YOU for helping us feed our precious cats.

Wishing you a peaceful and happy holiday season!

ClipArt film Facebook Live Videos

Evening Walkabout to see the cats, just before dark.

Morning Walkabout to see the cats - New stabilizer - oops

Walkabout to see Seth Tiger and other cats while trying out a new stabilizer.

Hey, bath time is PRIVATE TIME

 Help the Cats, at NO COST to You

Tomorrow is Cyber Monday. Did you know? YOUR normal holiday shopping can support the cats, at No Extra Cost to you when you shop on with Amazon on Cyber Monday. Go to and Amazon donates to Big Cat Rescue.

Nabisco, you funny boy!! What game does Nabisco Bobcat like to play?
Not Hide-N-Seek, but Hide-N-POUNCE!

 Bracelets:  Did you recently purr-chase a bracelet through one of our 50% off coupon codes on Amazon?  If you did PLEASE go back in to Amazon and leave a review letting people know what you think of the bracelet.  The two bracelets that recently had a coupon code were and

Big cat friend, Barb Colvin, made this cool collage of King Joseph.


 Can YOU write product descriptions?  Carole needs some ad copy written for our Amazon items.  Having better item descriptions that use more keywords will help us sell more items when means more help to care for the cats.   Here is our store link. Take a look at the descriptions of the items (other than shirts) to see if you can write better descriptions.  If you can send an email to and include you descriptions and the link of the item the description is for.

Posted by Bridget Lorenz:  Okay Nabisco, be the one with the tree.


Please vote for our intern Aleesa’s video — you can vote ONCE PER DAY until December 7th! Big Cat Rescue has the chance to win up to $10,000 for the cats!!

VOTE HERE:  We started a couple weeks late, will you help us catch up?

 Big Cat Rescue Outreach

The Grrrrreat American Teach-In 2017

What do firefighters, accountants, and Big Cat Rescuers have in common? We're all sought-after speakers for the Great American Teach-In. Well, at least two of us are. Sorry firefighters.

Last week Big Cat Rescuers donned their cleanest shirts and transversed the Tampa Bay area to once again participate in one of our favorite events of the year. Thanks to thirteen fantastic Rescuers, a mix of staff and volunteers, nearly two thousand students at twenty-five schools in Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas counties here in Central Florida got to learn about all things Big Cat Rescue.

Our presentations began with our origin story, or should I say, our origin cat - Windsong. We then described each species that calls our sanctuary home, telling individual stories and sharing cool facts about these amazing creatures. With the help of fun videos and audio clips, we explained a day in the life of a Big Cat Rescuer - from feeding and cleaning (everybody poops) to enrichment and the medical demands of caring for over 60 aging cats. We touched upon the issues of captivity and other threats to cats such as fur farms. But most importantly we highlighted how these animals are dangerous and should not be in our homes or petted as photo props. If nothing else our goal is that these leaders of tomorrow, these future Big Cat Rescuers, will understand that holding a baby wild animal is never a good idea.

Many of our Great American Teach-In volunteers are seasoned BCR speakers who sign-up year after year because they know how rewarding the experience is. Others are passionate newcomers eager to share their enthusiasm for our work. It's one thing to be able to share your passion for the cats with others. That alone is a great reward. But it is an even far greater gift to know that you are teaching a future generation to be better to animals - thereby building upon a more humane foundation for tomorrow.

On behalf of everyone at Big Cat Rescue, thank you to the teachers who invited us into your classrooms to share our message of respect and compassion. And I want to personally thank my fellow Great American Teach-In speakers for going into our community and being a voice for these cats.

Jennifer Leon
Director of Outreach

PS: Remember to choose and Big Cat Rescue as your charity so that Amazon will donate .5 percent of your shopping dollars to the cats AT NO COST TO YOU!!!

Here is a photo of one of our Great American Teach-In speakers, Natalie Nardello Cam Snapshots

We want to encourage everyone to check out the AMAZING web cams at to watch the cats at Big Cat Rescue streaming live every day.

From Laty73 Matt getting adopted

After the above snapshots from the Kitten Cabana web cam hit the Big Cat Rescue's Facebook group viewers were teasing Matt about not letting Mac see these photos.

A little background:  Matt and his wife, Jen, have been volunteer keepers for about 18 years.  Mac, a very elderly cougar, chose Matt a long time ago as his purr-sonal favorite keeper.  Matt comes in every Saturday to clean Mac's den and put in fresh straw and do whatever else Mac needs done.  Matt can also often be seen sitting outside Mac's cage "chatting" with him.  Matt also knows all Mac's favorite things, such as cinnamon, and brings him some every weekend.

 Keeper Honey's Corner

Master Keeper Honey is also our on-site gift shop manager. The following videos is only a few seconds long.

BOOKS: Blood of the Tiger, Losing Paradise, & Pill Game

Shop online for these great books: BLOOD OF THE TIGER, Losing Paradise and Pill Game. The best part is that all of the profits go to protecting tabbies to tigers at Big Cat Rescue and in the wild.

tiger clipart Cam Snapshots

From Katy73 a beautiful close up of Nikita

Also from Katy73 Andy being way too cute.

One more from Katy73 Andy can't even


Don't forget to vote for Aleesa's video at




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