November 3 2017

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Big Cat Updates

Keeper Lauren Grant’s Coordinator Report for Thursday, 11/2/2017

We got a lot done today!
The tour path has been raked from Apollo to the staff offices.
Priya’s enclosure has new top soil and grass seed
Kali’s enclosure has been mowed and the roof has been cleaned up.
Sundari was moved to the empty cage next to Reise.
One side of the tunnel wall that leads from Sundari’s regular cage to the funcation has been clipped shut. Keepers can still go through, but it needs to remain clipped for the WalkAbout.
The well that feeds the front of the sanctuary had maintenance done on it this afternoon, so we were unable to wash dishes after foodprep was completed. They were hosed off out by the staff offices and are awaiting full cleaning until tomorrow (when we can use the well again).
It was a busy productive day!!

FUN FUN FUN With Pumpkins

Watch as the big cats get their annual Halloween pumpkins filled with treats. It is always a grrr-eat time!

 Safari Days – Wild Cat Walkabout 2017 – Nov 4th

Only a few days left for get your Wildcat Walkabout – Safari Days Gear before the big event. We have selected five important “in situ” projects (i.e. work being done out in the wild to preserve species). Each project is devoted to a different species – Tiger, Lion, Cougar, Ocelot and Bobcat. Your PURR-chase of these products are a big help in that effort.


All Ticket Sales Go To Conservation

Read more about the conservation projects YOU are helping to fund by attending our 25th Anniversary Walkabout:

  1. Tiger Conservation Project
  2. Lion Conservation Project
  3. Cougar Conservation Project
  4. Ocelot Conservation Project
  5. Bobcat Conservation Project


Big cat friend Dianna is on her way to Florida to see the cats tomorrow.  Check out this super cool note Carole got from her:  “I made these to go on my suitcases for my flight tomorrow down to Tampa. Due to timing I will be spending a couple hours in the airport and I figured if one person asks me or visits the website it will be great.”

Have YOU asked a friend to make the Call of the Wild, today?

Have you told one friend today what the Call of the Wild is?



Yesterday the Las Vegas Review Journal announced that the “wild” has been taken out of “Dirk Arthur’s Wild Magic” at Westgate Las Vegas. Arthur had initially announced he would use a bobcat and a snow leopard in the production, which opens on Nov. 15. Instead, the hotel issued a statement yesterday that Arthur was ditching the cats and working sleight-of-hand and illusions with his stage assistants. An ADI investigation had previously exposed the living and performing conditions of Dirk Arthur’s big cats and emails poured into the Westgate from ADI supporters urging them to drop the animal acts. THANK YOU. We hope that the duck named Afflack is also being dropped from the show.

The Review Journal says today, quoting the Westgate: “”The show is formatted to fit in an intimate setting, where the audience can enjoy the magic up close and personal. Due to space limitations in the Cabaret, this version of the show does not feature cats,” the statement read. Why anyone felt an exotic-cat show would work at Westgate Cabaret in the first place is anyone’s guess, but it ain’t happening. Not mentioned, of course, is the blowback Arthur consistently receives from animal rights groups — which were already zeroing in on his show at Westgate. At least one, Animal Defenders International (ADI), had already started an e-mail campaign condemning Arthur for his use of exotic animals.”

Read the article:


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