November 5 2017

Big Cat Updates

Summary:  Videos, Photos, Facebook fundraisers for October, Cooper bobcat about ready to be released into the wild and more.

The totals for yesterday’s big event, The Wildcat Walkabout Safari Days, are almost ready for posting.   Jamie is still working on adding up the Wildcat Walkabout Gear sales.

Priya loved enjoying her pumpkin yesterday, so much that she was given a second one of which she wasted no time destroying that one as well.  Priya LOVED her pumpkins.  See the pieces floating in the pool?  Photo of big cat friend, Jarret Clark. If you join our Official Facebook Group at you will be able to see lots and LOTS of PAWSOME photos and videos taken by guests yesterday including the one of Pryia have a blast with her pumpkin and leaping out of the pool and running etc.

76 volunteers came in, yesterday, to help with the Wildcat Walkabout and many of those brought their spouses int o help as well.

Will Bobcat is not doing well.  He is eating a little.  His issues are neurological.  He also is not able to process his food properly.  His bedding has to be changed out a lot due to his irritant Bowl Syndrome.  We are keeping him as comfortable as possible.  Due to his neurological issues he doesn’t seem to understand or be bothered by what’s going on.

Seth & Andy, both have less swelling in their ankles, so we are thrilled about that.

ClipArt film Facebook Live Video Replays

Afternoon Walkabout with Carole – Cats: Joseph, Texas Tigers, Cameron, Ares or Orion, Hoover, Keisha, Andy, and Seth Replays

Amanda, Andre and Arthur Tigers wait for breakfast in the morning mist. Do you think they set their clocks back? Watch more at See more photos and videos from yesterday’s 25th Anniversary of Big Cat Rescue here:

clipart lynx leaping Bobcat Rehab

Cooper Bobcat will be set free this month. He’s ready for the big time! Watch him on the Bobcat Rehab live streaming web cams at

Learn more about Cooper at

ClipArt Cub in a cape Keeper Corner

Pharaoh’s Funny Face

One of Amanda’s favorite afternoon napping spots is inside the tunnel.  Watch the cats on vacation streaming live at

“Oh My, what big feet you have,” they said.
“The better to leap on you with,” Armani said.

“You have no treats? You do NOT get MY attention!” (Andre)

“If you did not want it torn up you should not have left it here,” said Ares.

Reise Cougar is all tuckered out and ready to a nap. Photo by Keeper MaryLou Geis

Purrfection Ocelot – Such a pretty ocelot. Photo by Keeper MaryLou Geis

 Facebook Fundraisers – Closed in October 2017

THANK YOU to these 51 individuals, and their friends, because the funds they raised is enough to feed the cats for about FOUR & A HALF DAYS!  

Did You Know?  Here at Big Cat Rescue, literally 100% of your donations are spent directly ON THE CATS!!! We are able to adhere to that strict policy because the other sanctuary expenses, administrative expenses, salaries etc come out of tour fees and other sources of income. We are extremely serious about donations being used JUST FOR THE CATS!  Because of adhering to that strict policy regarding donations, and all of the other ways Big Cat Rescue is transparent in our operations, we have earned Charity Navigator‘s highest 4-star rating for “sound fiscal management and commitment to accountability and transparency” EVERY YEAR since we were first evaluated by them in 2010.  Exciting:  Here is a quote directly from Charity Navigator’s rating letter “Only 7% of the charities we rate have received at least 4 consecutive 4-star evaluations.” Big Cat Rescue has done it for 6 consecutive years.

  1. Jon Auradrone $530
  2. Catherine Carrie Hartill $400
  3. Michelle Gunn $400
  4. Cindy Arthur $300
  5. Sam Meyer $259
  6. Jessie Massoudi $255
  7. Erin Perry $240
  8. Meghan Smith $236
  9. Zee Cole $233
  10. Joyce Easter Fitch $210
  11. Patti Spino $200
  12. Brian K Holcomb $200
  13. Diana Coopersmith $200
  14. Suzanne Grażyna $200
  15. Kristen Renee James $190
  16. Sabrina Carlucci $170
  17. Wil Kirkham $160
  18. Lauren Maxwell $160
  19. Monica A Carrico $150
  20. Tory Treichel $150
  21. Ingeborga Vitola$145
  22. Erin McGräth $130
  23. Heath Rowell $130
  24. Alex Taverrite $124
  25. Kelsey Frohna $120
  26. Becky Stypelkoski $100
  27. Susan Acs $100
  28. Paul Woodall $100
  29. Mary Girard $90
  30. Ashley Victoria $83
  31. Christina Brodeur $80
  32. Andra Dalto $80
  33. Phil Middlemiss $80
  34. Kimberly Ann Coppinger $75
  35. Bella Clark $70
  36. Kim Gal $70
  37. Pamela Delgado $70
  38. Judi Cruce $70
  39. Laura Hammock $70
  40. David Smith $61
  41. Jennifer Riddle $60
  42. Mandéla Bradley $60
  43. Stephanie Nye $60
  44. Cherri Taylor $60
  45. Chupi Pastelles $59
  46. Sue Alexander Devers $56
  47. Abbey Pod $50
  48. Victoria Erwin $50
  49. Robyn Hancock Palmer $50
  50. Cathy Gallant $50
  51. Dabney Mason $50

It is really easy to do a Facebook fundraiser for the cats.  Here is a link that has step by step instructions with screenshots.

 Zeus’ 21st Birthday

Zeus turned 21 back in September 2017.  I found this shared in Big Cat Rescue’s Official Facebook Group and thought you might enjoy it.  This is a video put together by by The Dodo’s Party Animals Chow page.



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