November 7 2017

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Big Cat Updates

Summary:  Wildcat Walkabout Safari Days video, Fire hose hammock project update, 50% off code for Jasper Bracelet, Cats & Turkey video, etc.

Keeper Lauren Buckingham's Coordinator Report for Monday 11/6/2017

We had a great day today. Just enough volunteers to feed, clean and even complete a project.

Armani's enclosure was cleaned ready for her to go home from FunCation.

Ivermectin went well. The only cat we need to try again tomorrow is Kewlona.

Babycakes didn't eat too much this morning so I took him some cut up chicken strips in the afternoon. He loved it!!

Cameron, Joseph, Zeus and Hoover all ate well both AM and PM.

Victoria took her cougar cleaning class. Aleesa came back today, she did her map test and then took her big cat feeding class. Some operant sign offs were done.

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This is one of the bracelets Carole wears all the time.

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 Shout Out

THANK YOU!! Joyce found a fireman who is making a big cat hammock based on photo and directions that Joyce found.  Joyce and her husband are donating that first hammock and will bring it purr-sonally to the cats in December. Having this first one will give us a chance to see how it works, what the cats think of it, and if any modifications are needed before moving on to the second one.  We are pretty excited to try this.

THANK YOU!!  A check for $600 was received from Jane Frantz to go on the Fire Hose Hammock project.  Carol, and Edith have also been working toward this fire hose hammock project.    We want to properly thank everyone involved.  So, if we missed anyone PLEASE let them know how greatly their gift is appreciated or email so proper Thank Yous can be given.

Another reason for JUMPING FOR JOY!!!  51 people did Facebook Fundraisers in October that raised enough funds to pay for the cats food for FOUR AND A HALF DAYS!  ALMOST FIVE DAYS!!!  We feed out around 500 pounds of meat every day.  You can only imagine how huge that bill is every month so when you all do Facebook Fundraisers for feeding the cats it is a HUGE HUGE help!! THANK YOU!!!!

Matthew sent shower nozzle for the cats!  Several of the cats love getting hose showers.

ClipArt film

Wildcat Walkabout 2017 - Published on Nov 7, 2017 - Big Cat Rescue hosted its 2017 Wildcat Walkabout in celebration of our 25th Anniversary. This charity event raised money for conservation projects in the wild for bobcats, ocelots, cougars, tigers, and lions.

ClipArt film Facebook Live Video Replays

Morning Walkabout - See Arthur, Armani, Frosty, Ginger, and see the keeper path on the back side of Vacation Rotation cage and the keeper path behind that leads to the backside of the FunCation cage.  Meet Keeper Marie Schoubert.  She is like Momma Becky with the cats.

Meet Nikita Lioness, 500 pounds of majesty surveying her kingdom this morning. Watch more at


Shop for everyone on your gift list this holiday at and Amazon donates to Big Cat Rescue.

Photo by Keeper MaryLou Geis

With the holiday shopping season fast approaching we wanted to remind everyone that when you for everyone on your gift list this holiday at and Amazon donates to Big Cat Rescue.

ClipArt film Past Videos

A Big Cat Thanksgiving!  Published on Nov 20, 2012 - Watch the tigers, lions and leopards receive their holiday turkey treat at Big Cat Rescue! Every thanksgiving we hand out turkeys and game hens to residents at the sanctuary and they love this time of year!


Keeper Sarah Copel caught Mac playing with his sicle after he broke it into smaller chunks. Not sure if that is Tuna or Sardines.

Keeper Sarah Copel caught Mac playing with his sicle after he broke it into smaller chunks. Not sure if that is Tuna or Sardines.

Little White Dove having a blast with her spice bag. Daily enrichment is very important for captive wild cats.

Lakota Bobcat playing with some spices.

"YAWN!! G'Nite," says Ares Cougar.

Kewlona Bobcat trying to look fierce.

ClipArt Cub in a cape Keeper Corner

Keeper Afton: I took this really adorable clip of Will this morning from his camera. He has been eating really good, taking his meds, and has even gained a bit of weight. He has been liking the door open to get fresh air. I just had to share!

One of the senior keepers and I went to check on Joseph during the Walkabout. Well he seemed pretty content without having 500 visitors.

What are you doing outside my office Mr. Turtle?

 Cole and Marmalade's Corner

A Feral Cat Thanksgiving - Published on Nov 28, 2014 - Love Your Feral Felines was founded in 2011 and since then they have rescued, re-homed and TNR’d over 300 feral/stray cats and kittens!

They currently trap in numerous neighborhoods in Vista and Oceanside (California) with the help of the community. They set anywhere from ten to fifteen traps at a time, over all locations. These neighborhoods were selected because each is highly populated with people, have high vehicular traffic and most are unsafe due to predators.

In two locations they have lost cats in car accidents, to hunting coyotes and to suspected deliberate poisoning. With an estimated 300 feral cats in colonies of various sizes in these locations, since 2011 they have trapped continuously, but birth rates have kept the numbers almost constant, primarily because some females are so very hard to trap!

It was great to meet Christine and see the passion she has for helping feral cats in the area and it was a pleasure to donate our Friskies winnings to aid in her mission! … We're sure we'll be back to donate and help raise awareness about the great work she's doing in the future :)


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