November 9 2017

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Big Cat Updates

Summary: Are you a fence sitter? Cats on the move, Foster kittens coming & going, photos, etc

Keeper Aton's Coordinator Report for Wednesday November 8th

Lots got done today, and everyone chipped in to help! Red shirt, Antonio, stayed all day and even helped do chores this evening.

Nikita's open aired section was mowed and weed eated.

All of the topsoil was put in the Texas tiger enclosure, spread out, grass seeded, and watered.

Brush was picked up from outside of the Himalayan and Gale's house and removed from property.

The interns cleaned out the Keeper Cafe refrigerator.

The old end speech location was removed, and all of the holes were filled where the posts were taken out. All that needs done is to touch it up with the weed eater.

 Cats on the Move

Every other Thursday we shift the cats around.  Cat species meant to roam wild and free are highly intelligent creatures making captive life painfully boring for them.  We do have a crew of amazing volunteers who make sure the cats get enrichment goodies every day.  However, most of the cats like a change of scenery, too.  They like different neighbor spy on, different toys to play with, different trees to pee on, different places to hide and nap.  So, we give them vacation enclosures to take turns in.

Today's cat moves are:

  • Amanda, Andre, and Arthur go home.
  • Duchess will go on Vacation.
  • Armani goes home from FunCation.
  • Jinx will go on FunCation.

 YOU CANNOT Sit on the Fence!

If you truly want to end big cat suffering worldwide you cannot support the cub pay to play and cub photo schemes that pump so many big cats into the private pet trade, canned hunts, trophy hunts, pseudo zoos, backyards, and yes even in tacos & wine.

You choose...

  1. Selfishly wanting to play with a cub
  2. Honorably helping end the suffering.

Which is more important to YOU?

  1. Selfish desire
  2. Ending the suffering ...

Yes, you need to choose.

Why should you choose?

Because sitting on the fence merely allows the industry to continue. 

  1. Learn the issues at
  2. Actively teach others
  3. Make the Call of the wild a regular part of every week.

Are you a Fence Sitter or are you stepping up to help end the abuse and exploitation?

What is the Call of the Wild?

So, Are YOU a "fence sitter" or ARE YOU STEPPING UP for cats?  You cannot be both.

There is an old saying that all it takes for evil to proper is for good people to do nothing.  That certainly applies in this case.  If you are not being part of the solution then you are part of the problem.

ClipArt Cub in a cape Keeper Corner

Joseph only needs to open one eye to see who is outside his den. Or is he imitating his neighbor Zeus? Wrong eye buddy..? ~Keeper Desmond Fowles

Joseph only needs to open one eye to see who is outside his den. Or is he imitating his neighbor Zeus? Wrong eye buddy..? ~Keeper Desmond Fowles

Nabisco still enjoys playing hide-n-pounce, NOT hide-n-seek because he is too impatient to wait to be found and must pounce out!

grey kitten, kittens, cute kittens, kitten clipart, cat art Foster Kittens

The following kittens went back to the Humane Society to find their furever homes:

  • Cinder
  • Smoke


  • Modglin House has four 5 week olds
  • Himalayan House has five 6 week olds

ClipArt film Past Videos

Thanksgiving Turkey Bags - Published on Nov 27, 2015 - Watch as the big cats play with some enrichment turkeys before they get to devour a real one for Thanksgiving breakfast.


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Photo by Keeper MaryLou Geis

With the holiday shopping season fast approaching we wanted to remind everyone that when you for everyone on your gift list this holiday at and Amazon donates to Big Cat Rescue.

 Cole &Marmalade's Corner

Marm found a nice cozy spot... this is my plan for the weekend, what about you? :)


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