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ACTION NEEDED FOR OUR LIONS: Please can we ask all tweeters to join us and tweet the following 21 tweets - just copy, paste and tweet. These are all aimed at USFWS. Kindly appreciated!

(Yes, the "." you see at the beginning of some of the tweets is intentional)


1) From 1999 - 2008 Americans imported 4021 lion trophies to USA. That's >400 Lions Killed Per Year! .@USFWSInternatl#LionsWaitingToDie

2) Cross Bow is cruelest way to kill a lion. Death is painful & slow .@USFWSInternatl Does Not Regulate Cross Bow trophies? #LionsWaitingToDie

3) .@USFWSInternatl must REGULATE -at least- Cross Bow killed lion trophies.The cruelty is huge. Negates all humanity. #LionsWaitingToDie

4) USA - largest importer of lion parts, despite lions facing extinction in wild .@USFWSInternatl List As Endangered in ESA. #LionsWaitingToDie

5) .@USFWSInternatl In business of cruelty or saving? No permits for Cross Bow hunted lions? #LionsWaitingToDie Graphic

6) 1999-2008 USA imported lion specimens from 12 African countries where lion off-take is unsustainable .@USFWSInternatl ?? #LionsWaitingToDie

7) Listing lion endangered will benefit iconic animal & prohibit import to USA Unless to conserve. DO IT! .@USFWSInternatl #LionsWaitingToDie

8) .@USFWSInternatl .@USFWSHQ PLS list #lions as endangered on Endangered Species Act. BAN CANNED HUNTING @GlobalMarchLion #LionsWaitingToDie

9) African Lion meets the statutory criteria to be listed an endangered under the ESA. .@USFWSInternatl DO IT! #LionsWaitingToDie

10) .@USFWSInternatl are you supporting the gruesome killing of animals by CROSS BOW? Check out image: #LionsWaitingToDie

11) .@IFAW @BFFoundation @HSIGlobal @Defenders petition @SecretaryJewell @Interior LIST AS ENDANGERED @USFWSInternatl DO IT! #LionsWaitingToDie

12) Hunter fires ARROW at lioness, hits her & watches her writhe in pain until dead. .@USFWSInternatl #LionsWaitingToDie

13) Canned Hunts Are Not Exempt from Anti-Cruelty Statutes No "humane slaughter" here. Headshots ruin trophy .@USFWSInternatl #LionsWaitingToDie

14) After a lifetime of human interaction, an animal is killed with bullet or arrow - slow, agonising death .@USFWSInternatl #LionsWaitingToDie

15) "The Killing Fields of Africa" How American Hunters Abuse US Foreign Aid #LionsWaitingToDie .@USFWSInternatl

16) WARNING! Disturbing footage. This is why people worldwide are marching for lions .@USFWSInternatl #LionsWaitingToDie

17) .@USFWSInternatl USA: make canned hunting illegal! #LionsWaitingToDie

18) Dallas Safari Club trying to pressure the US Fish & Wildlife Service? | lionuncanned


19) Canned Hunting-American Atrocity: Hunters pay 2 kill hand-raised,bottle-fed lions .@USFWSInternatl #LionsWaitingToDie

20) USA: Make Canned Hunting illegal! #LionsWaitingToDie .@USFWSInternatl

21) The Fate of Our #Lions #LionsWaitingToDie Ban Canned Hunting .@USFWSInternatl .@USFWSHQ @cannedlion @GlobalMarchLion

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