Now at Big Cat Rescue Aug 23 2014

You Never Know

I couldn’t help but notice his dreadlocks, gold chains and blaring rap music as I parked my car at the convenience store where he was detailing cars.  I could feel him watching me as I got out a plastic bag and donned gloves before walking past him and down the road to where I had just seen the crumpled body of a small, black cat along side the 4 lane road.

Many years ago, in a hurry to a court date, I had passed a cat alongside the road.  In that split second of passing at 45 MPH, I had seen what appeared to be the cat’s innards spread out on the pavement in front of him, and figured I would pick up his body for burial on the return trip.  After my appointment, I drove back to the spot where I had seen him and found that the innards were just the contents of his stomach (the fake red dyed cat food) and the cat, while motionless, was still alive.  I rushed him to the vet, but it was too late.

Now, no matter what, I try to stop right away and that is what I was doing this morning, but this little cat, who was only 6 months old or so, was already dead.  This little cat deserves the same sort of burial as any of our cats and will be cremated and buried along with them in the Cat-ter-Wall.  I wrapped the the little body and carried him back down the shoulder, past the rapper, who must have realized the gravity of the situation and respectfully turned off the music and stood by in silent acknowledgment of a precious life lost.  Yet another reminder to never judge a book by its cover.

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  • Maggie Crooks

    I have done the same thing. RIP little kitty.

  • Robin McDaniel

    Aww…so sad.

  • Rumpy T. Drummond

    You never know, do you?

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