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In this Keeper Walkabout the first 20 minutes are:

Armani the leopard going from the Cat Hospital back out to be reunited with her sister Jade.

We rescued 5 newborn kittens and Jamie gives them a health check and makes sure they are all nursing well before handing off to the interns to raise.


Jamie and Jo take the afternoon shift feeding kittens because Jamie wants to see if syringes will work better than bottles.


Gale builds a rolling metal cabinet.

Cleo the Serval is doing that weird neck arching thing,  so we net her and give her a B-12 injection.  While in the net, Jamie palpitates her abdomen to make sure her mass has not returned.

Vet-Cleo-Serval_7137 Vet-Cleo-Serval_7144 Vet-Cleo-Serval_7193


A faint sound of Canada Lynx howling in the background.

Dr. Wynn comes the next day to give Cleo Serval another B-12 injection and draws some blood for testing.

Shere Khan, our largest tiger, is sedated in his lockout so that Dr. Wynn can draw blood while Jamie holds his massive head.

Vet-ShereKhan-Tiger_7208 Vet-ShereKhan-Tiger_7213 Vet-ShereKhan-Tiger_7215


Vet-ShereKhan-Tiger_7224 Vet-ShereKhan-Tiger_7238 Vet-ShereKhan-Tiger_7240 Vet-ShereKhan-Tiger_7243 Vet-ShereKhan-Tiger_7244 Vet-ShereKhan-Tiger_7245 Vet-ShereKhan-Tiger_7253

The last 10 minutes of this 30 minute video are a repeat of Jamie's instructional video on how our cages are constructed.

Hope for Wildlife films here.  Syndicated in 21 countries.


L-R  Hope, Jamie, Dr. Justin and Dr. Barry

Simba Leopard goes on "vacation" to Vacation Rotation enclosure.  He is the first leopard to enjoy its spaciousness.

Simba-Leopard-_7292 Simba-Leopard-_7298 Simba-Leopard-_7299 Simba-Leopard-_7304 Simba-Leopard-Chris_7290

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