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¿Habla usted español?

Do you speak Spanish?

tigers in circus wagonsIf you picket outside of the circus you will notice that the vast majority of people who attend are Spanish speaking Americans.  This would seem to indicate that there is a dearth of information available to our Latin friends, in their own language, that lets them know why it is abusive to make wild animals do stupid pet tricks for the amusement of the ignorant and the bank accounts of those who abuse them.

We would like to reach these Spanish families with the message from our big cats that the circus is a life of cruelty to the animals.

We are building our tour app for iTunes and the Google Play store so that this information will be as complete and compelling as our current apps are.  You can download the English versions for free by clicking on the app in the right sidebar of this page.

What we need now is for our Spanish speaking supporters to help us translate the cat’s bio pages from English into Spanish.  We have our good friend Rita working on the Species pages listed here:

Cat bio pages are listed here:

If you download the English version of the Big Cat Rescue app you will find the Issues section, that still needs to be translated; as do the Rules.  Thanks for your help!


Are you a #TeenWolf who wants to help big cats?  Pick a few cats to translate and let’s see what you got.

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