Now at Big Cat Rescue July 26 2014

Shere Khan Tiger Likes Misting Fan

White Tiger Bathes Lion Canada Lynx Gets New Home



Zabu the white tiger and Cameron the lion have lived together since they were cubs. At their previous zoo, they were raised that way in the hopes of breeding liger cubs because ignorant people will pay to see and handle them. We fixed them so they could stay together and you will love seeing how much they love each other.

This video also shows bobcats, lynx, and a white serval just going crazy over a secret ingredient. TJ tiger is moved to the swamp where he can live like a wild tiger should. Skipper the Canada lynx moves to his new home. The volunteers make a a plane for Cameron and Zabu. Lots of white tiger chuffing. Cameron the lion chases his tail. Vern and Barbara work on tunnels for moving leopards out to the Vacation Rotation enclosure. Bengali tiger takes a long dip in the pool and Shere Khan the tiger gets a misting fan and a Popsicle to beat the heat.

Shere Khan Tiger Likes Misting Fan

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  • Melissa Whitmore

    I love ALL big cats. they are so beaut
    iful. we mst do everything in our power to save all these beautiful animals.God bless

  • Birgit Smith

    <3 simply beautiful, so much love there ^_^

  • Frederick Lalochezia Griswold

    really, how do you keep from wanting to pet or play with them? not sure I could resist… even knowing the danger

  • Jessica Bryson

    Why do cats lick each others' face like that? My cats do it, too.

  • Immy Kaijim-Brox

    I really loved watching this video,you do such a great job,love you BCR and the Cats !!!!! <3

  • Susan Hirzel Hamill

    do you need volunteers?

  • Pasi Kähärä

    oii Lynx is my favoritre

  • Pasi Kähärä

    thank you for all your good work

  • Carole Baskin

    We respect them too much to endanger their lives for our pleasure.


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