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Through Glass Video Thru July 4 2014



I love Google Glass because it can give YOU a view of what it is like to run a big cat sanctuary from my purr-spective;  up close and purr-sonal.  But it doesn't record in HD, so if I try to edit video captured with Glass and video captured from my iPhone, which is high def, it produces a finished product that is not high def.

Maybe that is because I use iMovie.  I need to learn Final Cut Pro, but it makes sense that you can't record in 720 and produce 1080.

Anyway, this is 30 minutes of video from the last month that I hope you will enjoy.  It includes:

Justin Kittens Cabana 2014 JulyWorking on the new Intern housing, that is now done and called the Sandcat Sand Castle.

Vern explaining to me how the charger works for the new extended golf cart we bought to carry 6 passengers at a time.

Running through the airport to catch a plane to NY for the NY tiger rescue.

Jamie and Gale talking about how they get so worked up before a rescue that they can't sleep the night before.

Breathing hard as I hide behind a den and try to catch a leopard.

Inside the Humane Society of Tampa Bay checking to make sure our foster kittens have all been adopted and picking up a Siamese mother cat and her cute 3 newborn kittens.

Discussing how we will fix a cage that has been warped by the growth of a huge old oak tree.

Someone donates a dozen Bear Claw Retractable Back Scratchers and I go comb the mats out of Little Feather's fur.

Jamie and Carole discuss how the kitten class should be made into a better video class.

We pick up some donated tiger toys and learn how to tie a half hitch knot in the process.

One of the mother cats, Lucy, has arrived very ill and needs sub-Q fluids.  She has since recovered and is now up for adoption at the HSTB.

Vern shows us a $239k piece of equipment that we would dearly love to own, but have to rent for now.

Dr. Justin, Jamie, Chris, Gale and I rave over Loving Friend's (Laura and J.T.) new tiger transport wagon.  It's a beauty and SO functional.  We really want one, but it's $5,000 to have it built.  We discuss how we can get 4 transports inside their vehicle for the NY tiger rescue.

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