Now at Big Cat Rescue June 12 2014


Kimba Tiger Goes Back Outside



Even though Kimba really seemed to enjoy all of the attention in the Cat Hospital, along with the brushing, frequent baths and treats every 2 hours, she is very happy to be back outside in her Cat-a-Tat.


She is chuffing and acting like it is new all over again to her.  She will remain on our critical list for some time though as she has a long road ahead to recover from being so ill and starved.


Read about why she was in the Cat Hospital:


Read about her rescue here:

and some more photos here:


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  • Leslie Cannon

    She looks awful. I sure hope that she starts eating better soon.

  • Kizmin Reeves

    I hope she gets to enjoy it a long time. Thank you Big Cat Rescue for taking such good care of this 20 year old tiger!

  • Lesley Schultz

    I'm so happy that she seems better now and able to be moved back into her cat-a-tat! I'm also delighted that she seemed like she liked the attention at the Cat Hospital (wow, lots of brushing and baths and treat…sounds like a great place! 😉 It's a nice area she has now to enjoy in her enclosure. Does she have a nice soft sandy bed?

  • Susan Toyama

    good girl Kimba :), thank you BCR :), we hope she makes it

  • John Darwin Kurc

    MY GOD! How could somebody neglect an animal? It sickens me!

  • Meaghan Ford Brewer

    Blessings to all of you that work so hard to rescue, care for, and treat these majestic cats. I hope to come see you the next time we're in Florida. I love all the work that you're doing. Love to all the tigers there!!! <3

  • Bonnie Feather

    You are in your forever home dear Kimba. Try to soak up the sun and attention and feel better. Love and prayers are with you.

  • Terri Amb


  • Lisa Green

    I think that you guys are amazing, I am so so glad that there is a group advocating for these beautiful animals.

  • Karle Ginger Büsse

    SOO HAPPY to hear this

  • Karle Ginger Büsse

    I've never seen a tiger so thin. Ugh. Please eat, Kimba!

  • Paula Spicer

    Yay. !!! So happy where she belong.

  • Elizabeth Ruffing

    Read about her when they rescued her and the others. Hope she makes it. She sounds like she is in bad shape. Poor girl.

  • Addy Singh

    Bless her

  • Yvonne England

    Thank goodness Kimba was rescued by you. It was heartbreaking to see how much she was suffering. How can people be so cruel? You do a fantastic job. Xx

  • Adrienne Michele

    i'm so happy for her and all 3 of these beautiful animals. you do wonderful work and thank you!

  • Susan Haughey

    Thank you everyone! BCR and all the supporters for giving these tigers a new home where they feel safe, loved, and have full bellies! BCR, I think you likely have the very best sanctuary in the USA!!

  • Jane Garrison

    You should put her on RenAvast…there are big cats on it for kidney failure who are doing great. I know a woman who has a cougar on it and the cat has survived over 2 years now!!!

  • Pam Fersh

    I'm sure she thanks you for the love and care you gave her. Having peace and a chance to be in nice surroundings was a gift she enjoyed, even for such a short time. Love to you and those you care for so very well.

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