Now at Big Cat Rescue June 22 2014

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Now at Big Cat Rescue June 22 2014

Daily Big Cat June 21 2014



Becky comes to get Gale because Little Feather Bobcat is squinting her eye.

Gale the Geek takes on routers and Internet hookups.

Natasha Siberian Lynx shows her full belly after dinner.

Jamie hands out treats to Jade & Armani Leopards, Raindance Bobcat, and tricks Moses into getting his meds in a chick.

TJ Tiger gets a home brewed treat.

Joseph Lion goes on vacation.

Vern looks like he's ready to win a jousting match, but then videos Barbara and Carole putting the pole up on top of the new cage renovation to hold up the roof.

There may be a blank spot in the video, but it is short.

We check back in with Little Feather Bobcat.

The volunteers and interns are landscaping by the Mail Room.

I walk into the Gift Shop to Find Afton and Lauren ready to help anyone who walks through the door to call their lawmaker to support the Big Cats & Public Safety Protection Act.


We had a fun wedding proposal Friday in front of Nikita tiger - Jonathan brought Sherry the sign a couple weeks ago and he and Kim and his sister and her husband came for the feeding tour - after the tour turned the corner to Sundari Sherry put the sign on the barrier then joined the tour.


Jonathan even got down on one knee in front of all these people he didn't know to propose with a beautiful ring - a fun time was had by all.  


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  1. Megan Murdock

    June 24, 2014 at 12:44 am

    So cool to watch the paths be made to move Joseph from the cat-a-tat's to vacation! Very informative video!

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