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Summer Fair Season is NO FUN for big cats!


If you are from NJ or NY your voice would be especially helpful right now in ending this kind of treatment of big cats at the Meadowlands Fair. U.S. Residents please send an email at

Everyone, US or not, can post to the Fair’s FB page here


Sad Goodbye to Carol Porter



I was so sad to find out that Carol Porter died. I look for her periodically because she told me she hated the way USDA failed to enforce the Animal Welfare Act against big cat breeders and exploiters and always said she was going to write a book about it after leaving her position. I kept looking for her to see how that book is coming along, but today I learned that at the young age of 51 she is gone.


Florida’s Panther Population Increasing – Slowly

Citing a 10 percent increase in kitten survival, Gil McRae, the director of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s research institute announced that new estimates put the number of Florida panthers in the wild at somewhere around 180 animals.

Even though they have been on the Federal Endangered Species List since the mid-1960s, the Florida panther almost became extinct in the early 1990s, but a concerted conservation effort by state and federal wildlife officials have turned that death spiral around and studies now show that the population has increased steadily since….. continue reading


Utah DWR Officials Order Euthanasia of Captured Lion

Tuesday, officials from the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources euthanized a scared, helpless mountain lion that had taken refuge in a garage in the community of American Fork, Utah.

The lion was first discovered around 12:30 pm by a teenage boy who had entered his family’s garage. When confronted by the human, the young mountain lion snarled at the boy and backed further into a dark corner of the garage in a vain attempt to escape. American Fork police officers and a local animal control officer were dispatched to the scene to contain the animal. When Josee Seamons, a wildlife….. continue reading


Lost Lion Caught After Wandering East Sacramento

After a day-long, self-guided tour of residences on the east side of Sacramento, a young, lost mountain lion eventually sought shelter in the “jungle-like” backyard of 74-year old Mabel Furr’s North Oak Park home at the corner of 32nd and X streets, where he was captured late Saturday evening by members of the Sacramento police force and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW).

The one-and-a-half year old male mountain lion, weighing approximately 70 lb, was first spotted around 1:35 a.m. early Saturday morning near 58th and M streets. Sacramento police officers….. continue reading

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