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Leopards, Jade & Armani, Go on Vacation!

Leopards-Jade-Armani-Vacation-Rotation-1 Leopards-Jade-Armani-Vacation-Rotation-2 Leopards-Jade-Armani-Vacation-Rotation-3

Keisha Tiger Braves the Lockout for Dinner

Keisha Tiger Eating Dinner

Volunteer Jewelry and Ice Cream Party

Volunteer-Jewelry-IceCream-Party-1 Volunteer-Jewelry-IceCream-Party-2 Volunteer-Jewelry-IceCream-Party-3 Volunteer-Jewelry-IceCream-Party-4 Volunteer-Jewelry-IceCream-Party-5 Volunteer-Jewelry-IceCream-Party-6

First the Louisiana State Senate voted to keep Tony the Tiger captive. Then the Louisiana State House did the same. Now, with the stroke of a pen, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal can erase ALDF’s court victories for Tony and condemn him to a lifetime in his truckstop cage. So now is the time to pull out all of the stops if we want to free Tony, and we need your help. 

I’ll make this brief, because time is of the essence. We need you to speak up for Tony the Tiger today. ALDF has worked long and hard to get Tony moved from the Tiger Truck Stop to a reputable sanctuary. But we haven’t done it alone. Your voice — and your financial support — has enabled us to continue this struggle. 

You can continue to support ALDF’s work to free Tony by making a gift to ALDF. Your contribution of $25, $50, or $100 goes a long way to help ALDF continue to fight on behalf of captive tigers like Tony.  Please make a gift today

But that’s not all you can do. Take action now! Make a call or send an email to Governor Jindal, urging him to veto the bill that would keep Tony captive, SB 250. By writing one email, and making one phone call, you join thousands of people across the United States taking a stand against the cruel confinement of wild animals for entertainment and profit. 

Please support our legal work to protect wild animals like Tony by making a gift today, and take action to free Tony from unlawful captivity! It is your support that makes all of this possible. Thank you! 

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